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April 28th 2011
New walking track now open

Native plant Murdannia graminea seen near the new track A new section of walking track has been added to Magnetic Island's World Heritage National Park just recently that connects Nelly and Horseshoe Bays with access also from Arcadia without walkers needing to set foot on the Island's roads.

Member for Townsville Mandy Johnstone said the additional 900m walking track will link the Nelly Bay to Arcadia track with the Forts car park and Horseshoe Bay walking tracks.

Magnetic Times reported on the design of the track when it was proposed in February last year (read here)

Magnificent grass trees can be seen along the track

“Most of the track passes over flat country with the exception of a slight slope at either end,” Ms Johnstone said.

“Native grasses, delicate wildflowers and an impressive stand of grass trees that are not seen anywhere else in our walking track network make for a really enjoyable walk.

Island bush with native grasses along the track

“Several stands of Ironbark trees also mean that there is a good chance of spotting a koala on this new section of track”.

Ms Jonhstone said Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service Rangers from Magnetic Island, Cardwell and Townsville had been working hard to build the new stone pitched walking track over the past year.”

Another lovely flower seen near the track is Abelmoschus moschatus

“It’s great to see the Island in such great shape after the extreme weather of the past summer.”

For more information contact the Ranger-in-charge Magnetic Island on 4778 5378.

Editor's note: Due to an oversight this article was delayed and Magnetic Times apologises to readers who might have wished to walk the track over Easter. Ed.

Photos courtesy Queensland Parks & Wildlife Service

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New walking track now open
Bruce J Dargie
April 28th 2011
Absolutely GREAT news! (Perth, WA)
April 28th 2011
This must be the first piece of new walking track in the Magnetic Island National Park for decades. A great new walk any time of day, any day. There are grass trees, stringybarks, giant compass-point-aligned stone formations and if you are lucky, a koala or two. For the adventurous there are two or three high granite outcrops surrounding the 'plateau', some of them with fantastic balancing rocks and views to heaven. One of them, an enormous balancing tor with one tonners on top, unnamed I guess, has a stepout shelf with a priceless view over Geoffrey Bay. Take someone with you, they'll enjoy it too.
Thanks to Patrick, Jo, Brian and Co at National Parks and their stone step building team. We are so lucky!
April 28th 2011
how about the walk at the end of Mandalay ave to H/S it is really bad and some one could slip and fall as the track needs repair desperately
Ron Brennan
April 28th 2011
It is an excellent track, and Patrick and his team are to be commended.
What is needed now is for Ms Johnstone to make representation to senior management of Qld Parks and Wildlife for more resources to be made available for the proper maintenance of this and the already established network of tracks.
April 30th 2011
Thoroughly agree with Ron. There are some areas of tracks which are badly in need of maintenance.
Lea of Rheuben Tce.
May 5th 2011
Yes, but what about the tracks that have been closed? We now have more pedestrians on the road between HSB and Arcadia.
Nelly Bay
May 15th 2011
Great to see this new track open - it's a really lovely experience. Dear National Parks, could you please send a team or two armed with wipper-snippers to trim the spear grass growing profusely along the existing tracks. It's all at face height and not a pleasant experience for kids and backpackers. (Arcadia to Nelly/Sphinx) Perhaps work for the dole?
I'll even volunteer with other like-minded people. Cheers ... Rob and Bodhi. :)

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