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April 11th 2011
Young Magnetic film makers impress

Last night at the youth flicks Last night a whole bunch of Magnetic Island kids showed off their skills as budding film makers before a crowd of nearly 100 locals.

The event, set besides Sunbirdz cafe in the breezeway at Picnic Bay Mall, was the culmination of months of work put in by the young people with musician and videographer Matt Whitton. The results were impressive with a major production, Careful what you wish for, a wild-ride, magical slumber party, where some kids end up inside books and reading takes on some rather different dimensions. The film which included Tom Chappell, Felix Lewis, Gracelyn Baird, Darei Smith, Molly Fowler and Jade McLay, came with its own inbuilt adverts including one for a clapped out “Mithu-bithy” possibly the best gag of the night.

Following was Open up your eyes, a lovely, improvised music clip with more local kids playing their own material against images from Magnetic’s beautiful beaches: in and out of the water.

The final flick, A bit about Magnetic Island was a well-crafted and thoughtful piece by budding doco maker Daniel Staunton who interviewed knowledgable Islanders on the history and life of Magnetic.

The night was a treat for all who cherish Island creativity and Matt Whitton deserves much credit for developing the works with the young people to such a level.

It looks like the future of film making on Magnetic is in good and youthful hands.

The event was supported by Xstrata and Lifeline.

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Young Magnetic film makers impress
breanna harwood
April 11th 2011
hope it was good.I wanted to go and see it but we were doing stuff
Chris C
April 11th 2011
What a fantastic bunch of kids (and tallented too!!)

Thanks Matt and the sponsors
April 18th 2011
With intentions to support local entertainment I attended the film night with an open mind. Unfortunately I left promptly after the slang "gay" was used in a negative manner more than once over a period of 5 mins. To hear a child use this colloquialism is as offensive to a mixed crowd as are racial slurs etc. These are school aged children- what message is being sent here? Needless to say, I am only targeting my distaste toward the adults that organised/edited this project.

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