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October 15th 2010
Ladies low on Magnetic Island

Where have all the ladies gone on Magnetic Island? According to a projection from the last census there are presently two blokes between the ages of 25 and 34 for every lady, in the same age range, living on Magnetic Island.

The information was brought to our attention by Island resident, economist and general numbers sleuth, Mr Peter Byron, who described the difference as 'extraordinary'!

Magnetic Times agrees.

Just why this is the case should prove a rich subject for Island speculation and we would love to know what readers' (particularly female) think as to why there might be so few ladies in that age group.

The data are from the Australian Bureau of Statistics but come via the Qld Treasury website (Office of Economic and Statistical Research) and also show that there is, overall, about 118 blokes for every 100 ladies.

The next census in next year but, according to Peter Byron, "After the Population Census in 2011 these data will be revised but generally they don't change that much".

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Ladies low on Magnetic Island
October 15th 2010
HA HA HA that is very funny, so true. . .
October 17th 2010
Once I left in 2001 the ladies left in droves. Look at the graph
October 17th 2010
Cougartown! Seriously though... I would have thought the opposite.
October 17th 2010
Laddies and gentlemen don't smile when you gays at me?
October 17th 2010
Coincidentally, the number of children in the Magnetic Island State School has dropped from well over 200 to just over 160 in the same period.
October 19th 2010
Sometimes you need to know context in order to interpret stats and it seems the key fact here is when the data was collected. August 2006 would have seen a large amount of young men on the island working temporarily. This accounts for about half the difference and the other half is explained by the abs love of extrapolating any trend out for years. Simple fact is thay will hold the census next year and the graph will drop back to normal. Strange thing is people will find another anomoly to latch on to and this debate will go by the wayside...............
October 22nd 2010
rs, your observation might explain the rise in the number of young men but how to account for the steady decline in the number of similar aged women from 2001?

What do you think? Send us your comments.

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