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August 20th 2010
Prominent Green to preference coalition

In a passionate letter to Magnetic Times, long time Townsville Greens and Bill of Rights' activist, Pat Coleman, writes that he will preference the Liberals over Labor's Tony Mooney. The letter may reflect a trend among local Greens' voters who might normally have preferenced Labor but for the Mooney candidacy.

The call to preference the coalition has also been made by former ALP member and well-known Island identity Charlie McColl, who commented in Magnetic Times yesterday, "Vote for whoever you like in the number one spot, just make sure you put Mooney behind the Liberal guy. Don't send any either Tony to Canberra. Why would you want to?"

Following is Pat Coleman's letter:

What I am about to say is consistent with views I have expressed over the last decade. One thing is not.

I want to vote 1 for The Greens here to the exclusion of others. But I can't because the federal system is a sham. For my vote to be valid, I have to allow it to be stolen by people I donít like through compulsory allocation of preferences.

This system has been maintained so that things donít change. The big parties stand over us like a Polit Bureau with their churches and business backers looking over our shoulders. So, if my friend (Greens' candidate) Mike Rubenach doesnít get elected, they are still laughing at me cos they stole my vote and I have to accept one or the other with all their faults.

I have never preferenced the liberals in my life. This time it's different. It's nothing to do with what they stand for. Iíve no choice, my green vote must be valid. I ask others to follow my lead.

Like Roosevelt deciding whether Germany or Japan should be defeated first for victory to happen, I have decided that Mooney must go and the Libs get my 2nd preference for these reasons:

* I and others believe that under Mooney, when Mayor, there were numbers of racist attacks on homeless people, as a result of his public stance on homelessness issues. We then saw Hanran Park being taken over by development. The developer Lancini gave labor 50K before the last council election and two tiers of Labor government threw in over 30 million for the mall where his development is.

* Having been involved in public petitioning and activism I have seen the dark side of ďThe MooneyĒ. He made it clear he despises people who appose developments (Bully front page Nov 27 /02). p64.

* I saw him (AWU mayor) appose the sun metals strikers in '99 in an anti-strike rally. I saw the workers boo him on Labour day 2001

* After fighting for free speech against Mooney and the cops, I won a UN human rights case against the council . The council didnít uphold it. Howard didnít uphold it. And despite Labor's promises on such things in 07, Rudd's Labor didnít uphold it. Labor refused a bill of rights too.

Hereís where I get cynical . Rudd (a 20 year mate) appoints Mooney. Candidate Gillard knifes Rudd. Mooney backs Gillard. Gillard brings Rudd back in and says he may get a ministry, Mooney who is standing behind, looks skyward - half time change sides! Rudd gets a UN climate Job! What next? Mooney getting industrial relations?

Okay, I have to vote this way for health reasons, if Mooney is elected I may die laughing. And it's for the health of Labor spin meisters also, cos when they are drinking to how stupid people can be if they win, they may choke on their own vomit!...... Hang on, maybe not such a bad idea!

Pat Coleman

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Prominent Green to preference coalition
Dave Donohue
August 19th 2010
Dear oh dear Pat,

Those who know me are aware I'm not easily moved to public comment. But in this case I have to make an exception.

What a strange tirade which seems to stem from your personal dislike for Tony Mooney, then blossom into an attack on all the parties (including the Greens), before withering into a sulky "Vote Liberal" without even looking at respective policies or their impact on our community or the environment.

I'm not egotistical enough to tell people how to vote, but I certainly hope they look at the whole picture and not swallow your bile.

Jenny Cramer
August 20th 2010
I'm voting for the Greens. Of course. I haven't decided what to do with my preference yet, but I will never vote for Tony Mooney. I am one of many people I know personally who think this way.

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