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August 10th 2010
Coalition says yes to walkway funding

Where the walkway is needed Magnetic Island will receive a $4 million funding boost under a Coalition Government to provide a walkway from Nelly Bay to Arcadia, LNP candidate for Herbert Ewen Jones said on the weekend.

Magnetic Island’s recreational infrastructure will benefit from the $4.726 million pledged by Shadow Minister for Tourism Steven Ciobo in Townsville today, enhancing the tourist destination’s walkways and bike paths.

Mr Jones said the proposed walkway will ensure safe pedestrian and bike access.

“Maggie Island is one of the North’s premier tourist attractions and it needs a bit of attention,” he said.

“This walkway will make it safe for tourists to walk from Nelly Bay to Arcadia, while creating a new asset in the form of a spectacular lookout and scenic path overlooking the Coral Sea.”

The proposed walkway has three main elements;
1)Elevated walkway on the seaward side of Arcadia Road, linking Nelly Bay to Arcadia
2)Concrete walkway along the Arcadia beach front
3)Remediation work on the existing Nelly Bay to Picnic Bay walkway

Mr Jones said it is essential infrastructure for the island.

“The Picnic Bay to Nelly Bay walkway has received massive support and has been heavily utilised by both locals and tourists,” he said.

“We need to sustain this tourism jewel of the North by injecting as much funding as we can into adequate infrastructure to ensure its longevity as a destination for tourists and as a weekend getaway for Townsville residents for decades to come.”

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Coalition says yes to walkway funding
August 9th 2010
Promises! Promises!....easy to say pre-election
p collins
August 10th 2010
better than any thing moodie moonie ever thought about for the island
August 10th 2010
....and during his 19 years in office as mayor, the new federal Labor candidate for Herbert failed to get close to a plan on this let alone promise it!
- I have always been a Labor voter and will always stand for the underlying socialist principles of the party. Unfortuneately it's beyond comprehension that under no circumstances could I vote Labor in this election. ALL THANKS TO 19 YEARS OF TOTAL LET DOWN AND BULLSHIT BY THE FORMER (MEDIA SAVVY) MAYOR!!! Never ever thought I'd see the day that I'd vote Green. Shame on you ALP, shame on you Tony Mooney! If there's a credible voice in our region then here's my vote guys.....

rebecca smith
August 10th 2010
How could Labor curse us with the dilemma of voting for Mooney? There is a bigger picture than the pork-barreling and what Labor or Coalition can do for ME, pandering to the self-interest of the voters in marginal electorates. However odious it might be to vote for Mooney, and how ever much of a decent person his opposition might be, the bigger picture is the spectre of Abbott and his most important federal issue being stopping a few thousand terrified people seeking asylum. And there are no bigger issues than THAT??? I'd love to believe that Australians would put the national interest above self-interest and fear and loathing, but so far past elections have shown self-interest trumps every time.
August 10th 2010
in reply to disgruntled.if you vote green you still vote labor.prefrences do that.
August 15th 2010
Ah, Rebecca - always so black and white, but forlorn when it comes to the 'big picture'. Why not take a punt on your gut feeling? You know Abbott isn't going to win nationally and you know Labor (and the AWU faction) doesn't need Herbert. So give the Greens your No.1 vote (and their $1.50 for each No.1 vote - in public funding) and use your last preference vote to tell Labor, their candidate and their National Executive which hand-picked him, exactly what you think of their tactics - nationally and locally.
That's at least two votes you get on the one (House of Representatives) ballot paper. There's a second ballot paper for voting in the Senate where you can have another field day. Sure, look at the big picture but don't lose sight of the exquisite opportunities hiding in the little details.

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