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August 3rd 2010

A vista only time could forget It doesn't get much colder down south and it doesn't get much better on Magnetic Island in August. We were reminded of this contrast today when a long-time reader of Magnetic Times, Peter Hughes from Lorne Victoria, sent us this poem reflecting on just how much he misses our shores right now. Peter made use of his Magnetic poet's licence to remind us all of the sound of the ferry coming into Picnic Bay and it is one many Islanders will also remember with fondness. Following is Peter's poem, "August"

Like an old man laying down,
Steamer passage to Electra Head,
Palm Island,
You look so good today
From that big hill behind Horseshoe Bay.
Those Antarctic storms
Make your skies blue,
Those Nor' Easter trades
Give the skies a hue and I miss you.
The Pandanas palms,
Dusty roads,
Frangiapani dawn,
Low tide at Middle Reef,
The sound of the ferry
Coming in to Picnic Bay,
The last bus out of Horseshoe Bay.
The dead of winter,
Summer just a Northerly away,
But just for now its August,
Snow on Mount Hotham,
Yeah and its going to stay
So cold there.
So close to perfect,
This lookout,
Carved into a rock
Lets me see a vista
only time could forget.

Peter Hughes
Lorne 2010 (c)

August 2nd 2010
Great poem... captures the essence of life here! Would you be anywhere else in the world though?
Sylvia Hayes
August 3rd 2010
Very succinct and haiku-like. Well done, Peter.
I look out to my Horseshoe Bay garden now and see green jungle all around, duck egg blue skies and sunbirds twittering around the water sprinkling on pawpaw leaves. Your poem reminded me of how wonderful it is to live here.
August 3rd 2010
South coast NSW, Kirsty at work, Meggs and kids in Town, Lis and I sucking on gorgeous sunshine after yesterday's chilly wind and rain - although the Clyde River First Dog-loving oyster farmers took most of the pain away. Big kangaroos sharing back lawn with veritable flock of Satin Bowerbirds, Currawongs and chooks, surf crashing on vacant shores just up the road. Surf? Now there's something different.
Kylie Harwood
August 3rd 2010
Well written Peter - yes - this island is truly magnetic...or, as was written earlier - take out the "net" - and it's MAGIC!
Bruce J Dargie
August 4th 2010
" sentiments too. I can see another journey from Perth very soon!"
August 5th 2010
I have great memories of Lorne, especially the trip down the Great Ocean Road over the New Year to Easter period in the late '70's and early '80's. The coffees at the Arab Cafe, the bands at the top pub, the surf beach, Erskine Falls, the people at the caravan park. Good Times at a great place. I'm glad I've got to experience both Lorne and Maggie, different types of places but great in their own way.

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