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July 31st 2010
Tony's been busy licking stamps

If you hadn't noticed there's a federal election on August 21 and inevitably the pollies are circling for your vote. With our seat of Herbert on a knife edge it's a great time for Islanders to get some leverage for Magnetic issues . Labor's Tony Mooney has been very busy licking stamps to invite Islanders to his "mobile office" which will be on the Island tomorrow with some locals reporting up to four individual invites in their letterbox.

Our former Mayor of many years writes, "Some of the biggest issues facing our community are healthcare, education and a sustainable future for Townsville and Magnetic Island," without saying what he thinks or what Labor might want to do about them.

He adds, "I will also work with the City Council and the State Government to secure funds for the walkway from Nelly to Arcadia," which might sound worthy enough for locals with memory loss because it was Tony's administration at Council which, alongside those other governments, was unable to complete the walkway during his 19 years in office.

He later goes on to say, "These issues, along with Tony Abbott’s move backwards to work choices and cuts to health and the environment make this election very important for our future" sounds a little bit rich given Labor's achievements in Queensland's health services and Mooney's tireless support for coastal development that has brought Magnetic Islanders the architectural and public transport 'triumphs' at Nelly Bay which in turn and, as predicted, led to the relentless beach erosion in the middle sections of Nelly Bay.

But then dear readers and voters, Tony Abbott's dog-fish whistling threat to future marine parks with the claim that marine protection areas (which apply to just 5% of Australian waters in a time when 90% of the world's fishing stocks have already disappeared) "threaten the livelihoods of many people in the fishing industry and many people in the tourism industry," capture something of the level to which the debate has descended.

But if you think it's worth a crack why not take up Tony's (Mooney's) offer and, "come and see me on Sunday for a chat about the issues on your mind."

The office will be parked at the following locations:

· Nelly Bay- Lions Park opp Mandalay Ave 8.30am-10.30am
· Alma Bay opposite park 11am -12.30pm
· Horseshoe Bay opposite tavern 1.00pm- 2.30pm

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Tony's been busy licking stamps
The Pirate
August 1st 2010
Tony Mooney is even worse than Tony Abbott

Mooney never liked the Island as Mayor

Why would he be any different as local member where he will have virtually no influence on Maggie

Man give me Aboott over Mooney. At least I get to eat the occasional AUSTRALIAN fish
August 1st 2010
The no fish areas are actually fantastic and are making more fish for fishermen to catch so Abbott is just stupid saying that. What a choice tho. You can guess what Mooneys developer mates will be up to if he gets in. Bye bye Radical Bay.
Pat Coleman
August 2nd 2010
Abbotts promised claim to putting a halt to marines parks and even rolling some back is a hollow promise and should be ignored as he wont be able to control the senate even if he wins government. It would be dissallowed.And as for Mooney ..... we all know what sort of politician he is.

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