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July 20th 2010
Federal election looms - what's important to you?

Magnetic Island residents are invited to join a community gathering this Thursday at Fat Possums Cafe to consider federal issues that might impact on Magnetic Island.

Inspired by on-line community activist group GetUp ( the gathering is being called by Community Development Association President, Lorna Hempstead AM, who said, "This is an opportunity to consider federal issues which might impact on the Island, or current policies that you might wish to see changed. Outcomes could include letters from the group to candidates or political parties, or the opportunity for discussion that might help crystallise what you would wish to say as an individual or family.

"This will not be a party political event, rather an opportunity for thoughtful discussion that may or may not have shared outcomes."

Lorna expects the gathering to last for an hour or slightly more and is looking to start promptly at 7pm. Attendees should however feel free to leave at any time. It should be noted that fat Possums cafe will not be open at the time of the gathering.

RSVP can be made via the GetUp website ( or by phoning 4758 1125 and leaving the names of people attending.

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Federal election looms - what's important to you?
Patrick Collins
July 20th 2010
Will we retain our current medical services ie the 2 private clinics.
with Qld health Staff on the Island currently 2 months behind in pay. will the clinic be expanded if we lose the private clinic's.
Details from Canberra show $500,000 allocated for private GPs' , it also shows $700,000 savings' to be made, shotfall $200,000 less.
Remunation for GPs' to be cut eliminating long visits.
Patrick Collins
July 20th 2010
Will be in melb at time of meeting see previous e-mail
Steve Lane
July 21st 2010
Dear Maggie,

Whilst not exactly green, I am running as an Independent in the upcoming federal election in the Cairns based seat of Leichhardt. As an aside, in the event that I am elected, I will pursue from a distance the completion of the footpath from Picnic to Horseshoe Bay - an on again/off again funding affair for years there, and a matter that should have been completed on safety grounds alone years ago!!!
Congrats to Lorna on the AM matter.
George keep up the very good work - big hello to Wendy T and all the jolly green activists.
Hi to the rest of the gang!
Regards and thanxs
Steve Lane
ex Picnicker
Independent Candidate for Leichardt FNQ.

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