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July 8th 2010
Unconfirmed croc sighting at Nelly Bay

Rangers looking for the croc this morning With no sightings in over a week and following extensive night and daytime searches by Magnetic Island rangers it seemed that the 2.5 to 3 metre crocodile spotted originally by Island school teacher Caron Grey had moved on. But this morining, Ranger in Charge Patrick Centurino, advised that the croc may have been spotted again, at Nelly Bay.

According to Patrick a ten year old boy spotted what he believed was the croc next to the breakwater rockwall at Nelly Bay late yesterday afternoon.

Patrick thought the sighting was fairly reliable but his information was second hand and further inquiries by Magnetic Times have been unable to verify whether the sighting was inside Nelly Bay Harbour or outside.

The sighting remains unconfirmed in that it hasn't been verified by a Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service Officer but a Marine Parks vessel was out conducting further spotlight searches in the area last night and again patrolling the area this morning.

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Unconfirmed croc sighting at Nelly Bay
nev grimswhaw
July 8th 2010
a reward for a pos sighting and pic would be a good idea. Perhaps x base would stump up a pic reward
July 8th 2010
July 8th 2010
NEV a reward would be a great idea, i could see everyone out with their camera's and then we would know for sure, the holidays have been sad with all us mothers to scared to take the kids to the beach, Reward, reward, reward. . . .
July 11th 2010
I was the one who spotted it and it was outside the harbour

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