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June 25th 2010
Wing-over witnessed at new nest

Osprey make love at Cockle tower Magnetic Island is home to many species of birds including the beautiful and rather fierce looking osprey. For sharp-eyed birders there is a great opportunity to get out the binoculars for a very accessible view of a new nest for which Magnetic Times just happened to be on hand to witness a special moment.

The nest is located atop the Telstra telecommunications tower at Cockle Bay right next to the sewerage treatment plant. This superb piece of real estate would have views to die for - particularly if you are a fish which had the bad luck to have been snatched from the nearby mangroves but one of the osprey who prefer to rip their prey apart before dining rather than swallowing whole.

When Magnetic Times happened to spot the new activity, two weeks ago, the nest had just a few pieces attached with the lady of the tower considering her next move. The next move was however made on her when her partner arrived (see photo above) for a little wing-over type situation.

Osprey in action at Cockle tower

Osprey are known to build very large nests and use them for many years. They line them with grass, seaweed and bark.

A week later and the nest is much more advanced

One well-informed local with a background in telecommunications told Magnetic Times that he thought the nest would be of no great concern to Telstra and the micro-wave dishes on the tower which are very robust.

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Wing-over witnessed at new nest
Sylvia Hayes
June 25th 2010
Magnetic Island...World Heritage area...even the ospreys use Telstra!
June 25th 2010
Well spotted MagTimes. Glad to see you out and about with both gun and badge.
Another pair of handsome raptors, this time Brahminy Kites, is currently sitting on eggs in a leaning-over Hoop Pine just off Sooning St (30 metres) right the Kirk Street cemetery and the roundabout in Nelly Bay. That nest was built from scratch about 3-4 weeks ago.
June 25th 2010
Thank you George,
How lovely are these images you bring us,
We sure are very fortunate with so much bird life..
June 26th 2010
Great info George, Pen & Charlie! Really good timing as a birdwatcher friend from UK arriving in a week or so. Thanks!
June 26th 2010
The male osprey shouldn't have any trouble finding the next G spot.
June 26th 2010
not when you have a mobile tower Eric
June 27th 2010
I don't know what it means but just after noon on Sunday there was a crow at the nest, cawing and laughing as if the cats were away. The Ospreys were nowhere in sight. Camera shy?
Ken Douglas
June 28th 2010
How much will Telstra CHARGE ?????????
Pat Coleman
July 1st 2010
Good pics George . Got one pic looking down from the forts a while back I thought was a juvenile white bellied sea eagle , but now not so sure as the pics of "Little Eagles" look like it too .It was a fair way away .

Pat Coleman
July 6th 2010
Just injecting a little humour here. Have there been any murmourings from Cecily McAlpine, either for the voyerism displayed or the fact that this is animal porn?

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