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A young koala's beach adventure

June 18th 2010
World Oceans Day 2010 round-up

Fire Flyz in action Magnetic Times was unable to attend World Oceans Day on Sunday June 6 but as is fitting for a major occasion a round-up of the big day and appropriate acknowledgments to all who helped have been provided by the event organiser Barbara Gibbs.

World Oceans Day 2010
All too soon another successful World Oceans Day has passed on beautiful Magnetic Island.

This year was a huge success for all events held all over the island. It all began with the festival at Alma Bay at 10am. However, there were a couple of nail-biting hours until a suspected Irukandji specimen could be deemed harmless enough to enable the Ocean Healing Ceremony to go ahead. All kinds of terrible visions passed through minds until the green light was given to re-open the beach...WHEW!

The festival at Alma Bay

The Surf Lifesavers were also due to undertake testing for their Bronze Medallions on the day, so were also delayed in procedings. Thank goodness it was a false alarm but, with so many people in potential danger, it was necessary to take every precaution.

(Special Correction Notice: In our recent story Gardening Talkback guru to visit Magnetic CLICK HERE we set the date for the event as Sunday June 27. This was incorrect. The talk will be this Sunday, June 20 at 10.30am.)

There were a plethora of eco-friendly stalls and information tents, along with lots of kids crafts and competitions. Tammie-Lee Gibbs accompanied Steve Hamley to provide some quality singing and Bozo the clown (alias Bob Parry) entertained the children with fun balloons and magic tricks.

Bozo the clown

Townsville City Council Community Development team were present to gain local input into the future development of Townsville. The TCC Community Services grant ensured the day could be a success. I was told I'd won (for WOD) the greater amount of funding - competing with 89 other contenders. Not a bad effort, although not much either.

Both Channel 7 news and Win News teams arrived to film and interview at the festival and Nude Snorkel event, providing quality coverage.

Not all registration forms are in yet from outlying posts, but many say at LEAST 500 persons passed through the festival and attended events on the day. There were around 40 taking part in Sasha Stafford's Sandcastle Competition on Horseshoe Bay after 2pm and the standard of sculptures was outstanding for young children.

On dusk/twilight, the amazing Fire Flyz drew a big crowd for their daring fire twirling against the beautiful Horseshoe Bay with a backdrip of 42 yacht lights (influx for the day) and starry sky, and palm trees creating a stunning silhouette.

Ash Grunwald in action

BASE Backpackers drew a huge crowd to observe the Nude Snorkel record-setting event, followed by Sara Shaw Quartet, Tailor Made and the incredibly amazing strumming and beats of Ash Grunwald until midnight. WOW!! Many a butt took to the dance floor entranced by his magic.

Ben Schultz and Will Gregg deserve to be acknowledged for the enormous amount of publicity they have brought to Magnetic Island in a positive light...if they hadn't thought up the nude snorkel when I approached them to do a beach cleanup, the crowd would not have been as great. Ben, Will and I conducted loads of interviews with radio, TV and newspapers from all over the country. I organised the TV cameras to cover both events and BASE alerted the Picture magazine to the event.

There is no doubt that both events will only grow as the years go by as the public response was encouraging for both events in future years, and the Queensland Arts Council have agreed to assist with more funding next year which can only be a positive thing for all forms of art.

Barbara Gibbs: clearly enjoying WOD

Thank You to these businesses and persons for the wonderful success of World Oceans Day 2010.


Main sponsors:
Townsville City Council Community Services
North Queensland Conservation Council marketing
Peppers Blue on Blue Resort
Sea Quest Island Cruising and Fishing Trips
Australian Institute of Marine Science
Oceans Gifts
Endota Spa
Topless Rent-a-Cars
Vijali Hamilton and The World Wheel team for the wonderful Ocean Healing Ceremony and crafts.

Vandhana (photo prints)
Magnetic Touch Fashions
Banisters@arcadia Seafood
Bungalow Bay Koala Village
Arcadia Newsagency
Pink Frangipani Beauty Salon
Kite Magic/Windspeed Kites
Townsville Art & Framing Supplies
It's Paint
Tropical Daze Fashions
Island Fever Surfwear
Barefoot Art, Food & Wine
Noodies on the Beach
Sunbirdz Cafe
Pleasure Divers
X- BASE Backpackers
Home Hardware
Mitre 10 Hardware
Magnetic Island State School
Magnetic Island Pool Services
ABC Radio
The Advertiser
Artist Peter Lawson for assistance in mural
Carpenter Andres for constructing the mural supports.
Warren and Gail Hamilton and children for cleaning up
Wendy from Picnic Bay for tireless work on the information desk
Steve Hamley for working in extreme pain and coming all the way from Townsville to honour his word to play on the day.
Tammie-Lee Gibbs of Brisbane for her singing and assistance throughout the day with judging and general help.
Anthony Meares for chauffeuring the media and musicians around and gofering constantly throughout the day (Tam's partner).
Sharon and Shelley for enormous effort with the children's activities.
Stephanie St Onge and Helen Smith for assisting with photo framing and banners.
Tegan for stuffing sample bags.
Community News,, The Advertiser and MICDA for local media cover
Vandhana and Sara Shaw for assistance on day
Noodies, Pleasure Divers, Sunbirdz and BASE for cleanups.
Providence crew and customers for cleaning Arthur and Florence Bays
Sasha Stafford for conducting the Sandcastle competition
Verne Jack for reduced prices on fruit, honey and egg trays.
Everyone who took part in competitions and everyone else for their support by attending and having a great time!


Barbara J Gibbs, organiser.

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World Oceans Day 2010 round-up
Sylvia Hayes
June 20th 2010
Barbara you organised a fantastic event there was just too much for us all to do in one day!
Your daughter Tammie was wonderful on the microphone and has a lovely manner with children...she made all the dress up participants feel very special. She is also a damn good singer!
Many thanks to you for all your hard work!
Lorna Hempstead
June 20th 2010
Thank you Barbara, for a magnificent day of activities - everyone at Alma (and elsewhere I am sure) had a great day. Good for residents and great for visitors too!
Cecily Mac alpine
June 22nd 2010
In reply to World Oceans Day 2010 round-up

Not so, Ms Gibbs! The publicity brought to the Island by X-Base personnel would not be in a ‘positive light’, as you claim, if a ‘nude snorkel event’ was the highlight and ‘Picture’ Magazine was invited to attend. You say that, without the event, the crowd would not have been as great. That'’s a worry. Has it not crossed your mind the kind of people who are attracted to such displays? And the publicity would not only go Australia-wide. Through the internet Magnetic Island will be marked world-wide as a place to avoid by good people wanting to visit our country, but a likely holiday destination by those with less than wholesome ambitions. You are a newcomer to the Island, I think, and no one has told you that the Island used to be a family friendly holiday resort, a wonderful and safe adventure playground for children. Not so any more, thanks to hardworking and, no doubt, well-intentioned, but misguided newcomers like you, Will Gregg and Ben Schultz. It would be better for the income of the Island to be less robust than for the Island'’s reputation to be damaged, and the environment, in which families are bringing up children, to be less wholesome and unsafe.
Kelli MacAlpine
September 21st 2010
I agree with Cecily on her comments in reply to World oceans Day 2010 round-up.

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