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April 14th 2010
MINCA Field Day "thoroughly enjoyed"

Island kids built a windmill Last Saturday Magnetic Island Nature Care Assoc. (MINCA) held a Field Day at the Smart Living Centre at Horseshoe Bay to promote its Carbon Cuts Film competition and the inter-bay carbon diet challenge projects along with activities to engage locals with ways to reduce our environmental impact.

MINCA's president, Wendy Tubman, told Magnetic Times, "It was an event thoroughly enjoyed by the many people who attended. Perfect weather, great food, a range of interesting things to read about and do, lots of 'give-aways', and amazing activities by the younger ones who blew everything away with the giant windmill they created under the guidance of Just fun voluntary arts, crafts and science workshop instigators, Shelley Mackiewicz and Sharon Jupp."

One very amusing and entertaining event was by Island Bike Hire's Richard Poutney who organised a slow-bike race in which the last came first and those who were too slow fell off or had to put a foot down. .

Inspired by professional film producer, Rebecca Vallis - who will be conducting a, concept development workshop for everyone participating in the Carbon Cuts short-film competition - fourteen people expressed an interest in entering and creating a film.

The competition is open regionally, so more entries from people around Townsville are expected. But with the first workshop - concept development and film-making - scheduled for 24 April, and a June 2 deadline for delivery of films, people need to start getting creative soon.'

'We are still looking for a few more households for the island inter-bay low carbon diet challenge, but with up to $600 cash to win by simply cutting down electricity and water use over the period of the challenge, they shouldn't be too hard to find," said Wendy Tubman.

"Households will be judged on their percentage reduction/per person - so no matter if you have a big or small household or use a lot of a little electricity and water, you will still be in the running to win. If people want to be in it - and entry is free - or learn more about it, they should email

In keeping with the serious work that MINCA aims to assist in with the overall lowering of carbon emissions, Principal Research Scientist from the Australian Institute of Marine Science and Island resident, Dr Katharina Fabricius, spoke at Field Day. She was in no doubt about the evidence that climate change is occurring. "The question is not any longer 'whether' the climate is changing due to human activity, but 'by how much'" she said.

Dr Fabricius was also unimpressed by the attitudes of those she describes as global warming deniers. "The overwhelming majority of scientific studies has put together rock-solid scientific evidence that global warming exists and that it is faster than any other time recorded in the geological past and that this warming is due to fossil fuel emissions and deforestation. There are only very very few deniers left in the scientific community - they should not even be called 'sceptics': all scientists are sceptical by nature, but these people deny the existence and validity of a very large body of scientific knowledge.

Dr Katharina Fabricius addresses the Field Day

"Ocean acidification is the other result of CO2 emissions, leading to slowing coral growth. Other effects of the CO2 emission are rising sea levels, more intense storms, more frequent droughts and extreme floods - real significant issues for us living on a small tropical island surrounded by coral reefs and protected by beautiful but erosive sandy beaches."

One stall run by Horsehoe Bay resident Pat Trewin demonstrated the unusual recycling that can be done with plastic bags: crocheting! Even more surprising was the recycling she managed with discarded orange plastic fruit bags: The kind with the open weave that oranges are usually sold in. Pat makes them into kitchen scourers!

One of Pat Trewin's scourers

Another big hit at the Field Day was Arcadia resident, Robyn Schaer's lovely film, This is our patch about the curious habits of Magnetic Island's Curlews. Filmed around her own garden the footage was delightful and very well arranged with documentation of the moments leading up to and hatching out of curlew chicks and their first weeks on Magnetic Island.

A very popular Field Day activity was at the water tasting stall where all comers were invited to sample four different types of water including two bottled brands: Mount Franklin and Black and Gold alongside ordinary tap water and rain water from an Island tank. The results of that experiment are still being collated and will be the subject of a story soon to be published.

"We were pleased and encouraged with the level of ongoing and new interest in the work of Magnetic Island Nature Care Association," said Wendy Tubman.

'Thanks to the many organisations and businesses that contributed to making the day a grand success.'

Go to for more information about both the film competition and the low carbon diet challenge.

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MINCA Field Day
April 14th 2010
Well done MINCA for organising such a successful Carbon Cuts Film and Carbon Diet Challenge Launch. Hopefully your successful day will encourage and engage more activities such as yours in other locations and more people will take responsible action to reduce their own carbon footprint. The easily understood presentations and practical use of recyclable crafts,the games and challenges offered something worthwhile for all.

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suemac In reply to Fair raises $15,000 for school
Well done everyone! Once again our fabulous community had a great day out and raised funds for a deserving cause - pat on back to all.
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