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April 12th 2010
Skater calls on kids to attend meeting

Hot skater Nahir wants to cool it down While one Islander has expressed his strong feelings against the proposal by Solar Cities to make a large shade structure covering the Magnetic Island Skate Park at Horseshoe Bay (see "Solar Park critic urges Islanders to attend Wednesday meeting") another younger Islander and lots of his mates have a different view. His name is Nahir Vasconcelos - a prize winning skateboarder who uses the park as often as he can. Nahir thinks the plan to cover the park with shade and power-generating solar panels is a great idea.

Magnetic Times first covered Nahir's talents on the board early last year (read here). It was through this story that Nahir first drew our attention to the critical need for shade at the park.

"I get really big headaches and have to sit down" he said at the time. "It's great here but there's one thing that would make it perfect. That's shade - so we can skate in the heat of the day."

It may now be that Nahir's dreams will come true and the headaches and sunburn may no longer be a problem. With a new design on show after months of investigation by a working group consisting of Ergon Energy staff and locals selected by Islanders who attended earlier meetings over the proposed Solar Park, the design to be put to Islanders will be up for wider public comment.

Nahir has been keeping up to date on the project through Danielle Ryan,a member of the community working group and mother of another talented Island skater, Ryan Smith.

Nahir said, "We all feel strongly about it." He was with a group of fellow skaters in Townsville when he took our call and added, "Everyone's nodding. Doing it will be really good!"

Nahir wants to encourage other young skate park users to come to the meeting.

"I'm really looking forward to Wednesday's meeting and hope as many other skaters come as possible."

For any readers who haven't heard, the meeting to display the model of the project and seek community feedback will be held at the Smart LIfestyle Centre on Horseshoe Bay Road in Horseshoe Bay at 7.30pm, this Wednesday, April 14.

Story & photos: George Hirst (who, after experiencing the heat of the skate park first hand when writing about Nahir last year, was happy to take up a position as a member of the working group)

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Skater calls on kids to attend meeting
Kane Pitt
April 12th 2010
i think the skate park will be a better place to be with the shade and the lights, so you can skate at the end of the day.
Ryan Smith
April 12th 2010
I am glad that shade is being planned. Including lights, barbeque and the exciting possibility of stairs being built into the park. I have been skating at the park since the day it opened. It's time for a change- the shade and development-the stairs. It's got my vote!
virgil smart
April 12th 2010
I think its about time they put some shade up. im kane pitts brother we go to the skatepark every chance we get and we go home sun burnt and hot i would really like stairs to be put in to but if not we need shade.
Don smith
January 22nd 2013
With all the skin cancers I have had cut out of my body from surfing and skate boarding over the years any bit of shade would help these young blokes .... Not sure about the solar panels , sounds like a huge expense just to get some shade , there would be some big building company's interested in helping if the costs were brought down .....

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