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March 18th 2010
Get ready for Severe Tropical Cyclone Ului

Severe Cyclone Uliu could hit Magnetic Island Category 3, Severe Tropical Cyclone Ului could be headed for Magnetic Island and Townsville after the first advice, which was issued for the system this morning by the Bureau of Meteorology, placed us well within the Cyclone WATCH area.

An updated report from the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM can be found (here).

The BOM cyclone threat map for Ului can be found (here)

If Ului is headed for Magnetic Island we repeat the advice given in 2006 by Magnetic Island's SES Group Leader Mr Murray Withers, who made the serious warning:

"...with no Pre-Impact Shelters on Magnetic Island, in the event of any cyclone causing a storm surge, Islanders living in surge-vulnerable areas should, if they cannot evacuate to the mainland, seek safety with friends in higher places.

"Magnetic Island has no buildings the government deems safe enough to protect residents in a serious cyclone. The situation has been like this for some years since the government upgraded the standards it was prepared to back and all locations failed."

Read that full story (here)

Islanders should also note that if Ului crosses the coast nearby on Sunday morning then the potential for storm surge damage will be on the high tide which occurs on Sunday morning at 12.12am at 2.6m and at 10.43am at 2.2m.

For all preparation advice in advance of a cyclone click (here)

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Get ready for Severe Tropical Cyclone Ului
Slim Cayenne
March 18th 2010
1100km at 6kph gives us 190hrs of "watch". Do you think that will be enough time? Will the BoM tell us when it is going to pick up speed to 30kph so the cyclone can be in Mackay by Sunday morning?
March 18th 2010
where are we going to go if we have no safe places, what will happen if our house is distroid and we have no where to go? ? ? ?
Patricia Oates
March 18th 2010
Chris, if you're on the island and there is no safe place there, go to T'ville where there is shelter.

If your house is damaged or destroyed, either you will have storm insurance and/or the Australian government will assist you in both restoration and locating temporary housing.

Get a move on!

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