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March 9th 2010
Island waste transfer station a step closer

A waste transfer station for Magnetic Island is a step closer after Council’s Commercial Business Committee today recommended concept designs for the project be forwarded to full council for approval.

If approved, council will call for tenders to prepare a detailed design of the station, and seek formal approval to build the facility on the existing Picnic Bay landfill site.

Commercial Business Committee chair and Townsville Mayor Cr Les Tyrell said the proposal followed five years of planning, community consultation, and various expert reports that looked at the best option for waste management on the island.

“Council has been planning since 2005 to have in place a plan for the management of waste on the island once the Picnic Bay landfill reaches its full capacity,” Cr Tyrell said.

“There have been a range of issues that have placed enormous restrictions on what the council can do to manage the waste long term.

“These include factors such as the island’s sensitive environment and location within a World Heritage area, lack of suitable land, strong community feeling on creating another landfill site and major environmental licensing conditions.

“As a result a consultants report back in 2005 recommended the council support a transfer station.

“Since then the council has consulted widely and included community input in the development of the waste management strategy for the island and concept plans for the transfer station.

“While the design is only indicative of what the final construction may involve, it has been prepared with the island’s sensitive environment in mind for both the construction and operational phase,” Cr Tyrell said.

“The design incorporates sustainable practices including natural ventilation and lighting to the main building, roof water collection for dust suppression and also allows for the rehabilitation of the current site.

“Replacement of the current tip site with the proposed transfer station will significantly reduce the environmental and social impacts associated with the current landfill.”

The transfer of waste from resort and island communities around Australia is standard practice.

Under the scheme, waste would be sorted into large hook lift bins before being barged to the mainland for disposal at the Stuart landfill site.

Completion of the plant is expected by late next year.

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Island waste transfer station a step closer
Barbara Gibbs
March 10th 2010
I don't understand why we haven't adopted the methods that the Stirling City Council in Perth have. It compacts and sorts rubbish in a contained system that reduces the landfill area required. Maybe TCC should contact SCC to get info on their State of The Art system??
March 10th 2010
I think it should go next to the treatment plant or the old sewerage farm at Nelly Buy but not at Picnic Bay

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