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February 23rd 2010
Tomorrow's big opportunity for Island tourism

The biggest get together of Visitor Information Centre operators from around the state arrive in Townsville today for the annual Queensland Information Centres Association (QICA) conference and they will soon be heading to Magnetic Island.

More than 70 representatives from the state’s Visitor Information Centres, Tourism Queensland and the broader tourism industry will meet in the city over the next four days.

The conference allows delegates to catch up on the latest industry trends and famililiarise themselves with local iconic attractions and service providers. There is also a stopover on Magnetic Island for a mini tourism expo tomorrow from 5.30pm to 10pm at Peppers Blue On Blue, which is coordinated in partnership with the Tourist Operators Business Magnetic Island (TOBMI).

For most of the delegates, this will be their first time on Magnetic Island and TOBMI will be presenting delegates with a small gift from the island.

Chair of TOBMI, Lindsay Simpson, believes the visit will provide a great opportunity to promote all the great things that Magnetic Island has to offer.

"It’s a chance to promote tours, accommodation and activities and leave the delegates with a wonderful lasting memory of our island and what it has to offer,” she said.

Townsville Enterprise Destination Marketing and Development General Manager Brent Randall said, “Visitor Information Centres are the gatekeepers for tourism in Queensland."

The Queensland Information Centres Association is the state’s official body for visitor information centres.

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Tomorrow's big opportunity for Island tourism
Island View
February 22nd 2010
Pity Council can't manage to cut the grass to help impress the visitors!
February 23rd 2010
A great achievement by all concerned in the new fledgeling tourism body here, to organise this opportunity for a wide range of Qld Information volunteers to meet an equally broad range of Magnetic islanders with a lot to offer. Well done
February 25th 2010
Yes Island View - I agree. I admit I have an email drafted to Council and Jenny Hill which I haven't sent as yet re it is the 21st Century and one should not have to make a decision whether to take off (or not) one's shoes to cross the two rivers in Mandalay Avenue, not to mention the river at Sooning Street; or alternatively does one walk knee deep in grass to avoid the rivers (my linen pants lost out on that one!) - all of this to get to the ferry to earn the dollars to pay Council Rates. Sorry, I digress - re Island Tourism - standards need to be greatly increased upgraded. Oh! is that what the white tablecloths at Peppers was all about the other evening - it was quite a shock to see the 'Marie Celeste' come to life! Perhaps if these visits were done unannounced they would see a totally different face of Magnetic Island services and tourism. The Island is a beautiful place but there are major steps to be taken to bring it up to standard as far as services are concerned. As I say, it might be better if these visits were unannounced.

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