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February 9th 2010
Walking with water

Ranger Jo Petersen urges safe bush walking Tourists are putting them selves at risk by not taking adequate drinking water, sun protection or footwear when walking on Magnetic Island.

QPWS Rangers are asking the Magnetic Island community and businesses to help take care of our visitors by encouraging people who intend to embark on walking tracks to be more prepared.

Rangers observe unprepared tourists walking on tracks all year round but are particularly concerned at this time of year due to the high likelihood of dehydration and sun stroke.

Foreign tourists from cooler climates struggle to grasp the concept of how extreme conditions in North Queensland can be with heat and humidity especially intense during summer months.

Recently, while working on the 5km Nelly to Arcadia walking track, Rangers noticed numerous people walking during the middle of the day who were unprepared for the activity they had embarked on.

“The worst I saw was four young European women who were not even 1km into the walk, with empty 600mL water bottles, no sun protection and wearing thongs on their feet,” Ranger Jo Petersen said.

Everyone wants tourists to come away from Magnetic Island with a positive experience. If they go for a walk and end up with dehydration and sun stroke this will be particularly unpleasant and not to mention a safety risk. Unfortunately, bad experiences are often spread extensively through travellers' networks that can ultimately damage the image of a tourist destination.

Jo Petersen said, “Islanders can help our visitors to have a good walking experience on Magnetic Island by displaying this flyer (see below) in local businesses and informing people who plan to go walking on the island to be properly prepared.

Rangers will be also be visiting accommodation places on the island to ask the reception staff to pass on these walking safely message.

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Walking with water
Jack McCain
February 13th 2010
I hope these poor tourists were not confused about the availability of bottled water on the island. It would be terrible if lives were put in jeopardy by John Becker's ill-conceived call to ban bottled water.Fortunately, according to the poll, the vast majority have rejected his plans.
March 1st 2010
Have you ever heard of filling a container, suitable for water, from the tap

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