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February 1st 2010
Sensational readers' photos from Horseshoe Bay

It looked like a Tsunami at Horseshoe yesterday It is hard not to compare the sensational shots taken during and after Horseshoe Bay's wild king tide yesterday to images of a tsunami. And out in the thick of it Magnetic Times readers were taking some very memorable images to share with us all.

For sheer power and size of waves smashing down at the (usually protected) eastern end of Horseshoe, the two images Mya Couchman supplied (first at top), were truly awe inspiring.

View from Horseshoe Bay's eastern end

With some very telling images of the destructive power during the event Paul Groves was on hand and sent the selection below.

Sylvia Hayes was there later to document the damage to Horseshoe's much-loved foreshore. Sylvia's images follow.

Pat Trewin, who provided some great images yesterday, sent us some more.

Magnetic Times is now receiving images from Radical Bay which also bore the brunt of the northerly wind powered king tide. Those images will be posted later today.

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Sensational readers' photos from Horseshoe Bay
jae moore
January 31st 2010
similar to the aftermath of cyclone althea, which fortunately hit at low tide
January 31st 2010
And it was so quiet on the other side of the island!! WOW. It will only increase in ferocity with the rising seas, warmer oceans creating stronger and more frequent wind events, and the full moons in the future...get ready for it and be prepared.
Dr Andy Lewis
January 31st 2010
For the record, I have recently seen similar erosion along foreshores all through eastern PNG, from the Louisiades at 10S all the way to New Hanover at 2S.

Sea level rise is real and widespread.

Dr Andy Lewis - Reef EcoTours
Kim Laut
January 31st 2010
very imfomative read about the cyclone damage. Having left beautiful Townsville 12 years ago I have made two visits back and also visited Maggie Island. Was sad to see the effect it had on your beautiful island. Hope all's well now. Regards, Kim laut.
February 1st 2010
I am very sad to see all the damage that has been done to the shores of magnetic Island. We were on holiday on your beautiful Island in October last year and are hoping to come back later this year. My heart goes out to all the Island residents it must be heart breaking for them to watch this happen.
Kay Lindsay
February 2nd 2010
What chaos for all you poor old residents - it must've been jolly scarey when it was all happening, hope nobody was hurt or no mokes floated out to sea (or see!) Guess it'll be mostly tidied up before I arrive end of June! Wishing you calm waters and dry sands.

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