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January 31st 2010
Horseshoe high tide

Taking in the tide at Horseshoe Bay This morning, a 4.07m king tide slammed into Horseshoe Bay beach with the assistance of a strong northerly wind following the wake of the monsoon trough associated with ex-tropical cyclone Olga. Magnetic Times was unable to cover the event due to flooded creeks isolating our residence and office at Bolger Bay but Horseshoe Bay local, Ms Pat Trewin, came to our help with some great Horseshoe high tide action shots.

Although we have yet to receive shots of the new Horseshoe Bay boat ramp site we understand that it has been demolished.

The following shots by Pat Trewin show Horseshoe's famous beachfront and foreshore area being innundated by the wind-assisted king tide.

Magnetic Times is looking forward to sharing more reader contribution photos from Horseshoe and Radical Bay where, we hear, similar conditions prevailed. To do this please identify the photographer's name so we can properly acknowledge them and file sizes below 100kbs are appreciated.

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Horseshoe high tide
January 31st 2010
What a wonderful opportunity if anyone could get some pictures of the Radical Bay area recently targeted for development. It would give some wonderful ammunition for future arguments to record the high tide mark!

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Well done everyone! Once again our fabulous community had a great day out and raised funds for a deserving cause - pat on back to all.
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