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January 25th 2010
Get ready for king tides

A high tide and storm last January This week sees the first and highest king tides for 2010 and with recent lows and cyclonic weather around we should hope no cyclone decides to visit us on Friday or even worse, Saturday morning.

Townsville City Council's Community Safety and Health Committee chairman Cr Dale Last said the highest king tides for 2010 were expected later this week and again in February and March.

On Friday January 29 the morning high tide will reach 4.0m around 8.32am. On Saturday 30th at 9.12am the king tide peaks at 4.11m then on Sunday 31st at 9.51am it's 4.07m

Speaking in regards to Townsville, Cr Last said, "The king tides and possible rainfall may cause flooding in low lying areas of the city.

“It’s important that residents prepare their property and take care in flood waters."

Given the monsoonal and cyclonic activity in the Coral Sea during the last few days it seems prudent that locals be aware that if a cyclone is near Magnetic Island at the top of a king tide the innundation could be very extensive and dangerous.

Magnetic Island is very vulnerable to cyclones and, with no public buildings deemed suitable for sheltering throughout a big storm and evacuation hardly an option with ferry services usually cancelled well before a cyclone hits, the best advice comes from SES C Murray Withers who said, back in January 2006, "With no pre-impact shelters on Magnetic Island, in the event of any cyclone causing a storm surge, Islanders living in surge-vulnerable areas should, if they cannot evacuate to the mainland, seek safety with friends in higher places." (Full story here)

For more impressive shots of last January's big storm during high tides click on these links: and

Cr Last said tides over four metres are again expected from 26 to 28 February and on 1 March, peaking between 8am and 10am.

“Council will be keeping an eye on the weather as the dates draw nearer and we’ll closely monitor low lying areas prone to high tides.

“Already we have our crews out, inspecting and cleaning drains, checking valves, and adjusting tidal gates.

For emergency situations only, residents should call the SES on 132 500.

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Get ready for king tides
January 27th 2010
Anyone who has taken an interest in the (now about five years) rehabilitation of the 'hydraulic capacity' of Gustav Creek in Nelly Bay will be impressed with the changes that the last couple of good wet season flushings have wrought. Those king tides coming at the end of the week should see salt water penetrate all the way up the creek bed to the Barton Street bridge - or even further. The huge sand mass deposited in the creek during the 1998 landslips and flooding have finally been removed and the 'natural' creekbed geometry restored.

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