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November 30th 1999

January 15th 2010
Down with developers,and TCC town planers have never been any good,,,look around. !!!
Alan Renton
January 15th 2010
One word, dreadful!
January 15th 2010
So Juniper wants Townsville Council to accept their generous offer of a newly minted Magnetic Island road that is so steep, tightly-turning and narrow in places that it cannot carry heavy vehicles? That public buses can't access. That pedestrians have to share with traffic like the road from Nelly to Arcadia. That ratepayers will later have to pay for reconstruction and re-aligning. A road only benefitting a tiny number of (probably absent) indulgent investors and a few lazy, couldn't-be-bothered tourists and locals who would prefer to drive their cars and Toorak tractors to a car park at the beachfront of every bay on Magnetic Island - even if only once in their sorry lives.
And the Commonwealth and State governments must approve the creation of a massive new scar across the landscape (a 50% widening of the tarmac) to locate this road in the most stupidly ignorant position conceivable because that was what they did back in the 1970s when the Bjelke Peterson government would let people do whatever they liked if the price was right.
But of course some downtrodden shopkeeper somewhere probably believes this is his right and no doubt our try-hard council will try to keep them happy. It's how we are.
January 15th 2010
Deja vu? A gated community that does nothing to contribute to the ambience of what makes Maggie special, and that positively repels visitors. Destruction of vegetation, habitat, scenic and World Heritage value. Vague, unenforceable promises about how lovely it will be. On-going expense for rate-payers. Oh, and the old chestnut - 'the development is the price we pay for a [insert whatever]'. This time, for a road (to a beach with limited public access)'. Just as the Nelly Bay Harbour development was the price we paid for a 'safe harbour'. Will we never learn?
Joan G
January 15th 2010
And it’s not just the road that we would be ‘wearing’ on behalf of the self-indulgent gated few, chasmac. Envisage the 48 wheelie bins lined up at the start of the Forts/Koala Park track – handily out of sight (and smell) of the gated few, but there for the visitors to our World Heritage island to 'enjoy'.
Judy Chapman
January 15th 2010
The TCC City Plan includes the instruction ‘Ensure development does not prejudice the values of World Heritage areas and other identified conservation areas or areas having significant scenic/visual appeal’.

Now consider:
1. Radical Bay (part of the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area) has an international reputation for its scenic appeal.
2. Research by the State government in its development of a revised Coastal Management Plan makes it abundantly clear that buildings of any shape or form are considered by the public to degrade scenic/visual appeal.

Put these two together and it is obvious that a residential subdivision at Radical Bay would prejudice significant scenic/visual appeal and thus be in contravention of the City Plan. Add to that the effect caused by the road upgrading, storage of bins etc etc., and a valuable area on the island would be spoiled irrevocably.

We must not allow the greed of a few to let this happen.
Mal H
January 15th 2010
Call me cynical, but I reckon it's a sure bet that Juniper's will promote the World Heritage status of the island and the surrounding national park to promote its property. What urban investor wouldn't want their own share of paradise with Elle as a neighbour? Gotta keep the local riff-raff out though....
Seriously, if those of us who oppose such schemes were to put our money where our words are, what could we achieve? Venting our opinions may make us feel better, but what can we actually do?
I would prefer the property to revert to national park, with an ongoing revegetation scheme and the addition of composting toilets and perhaps limited camping facilities. A fee should be paid to the national parks for the privilege of staying in such a beautiful place, the revenue going towards improvement of the site's natural beauty and upkeep of the facilities.
Our national parks are for the preservation and promotion of biodiversity, and for the education and enjoyment of everyone, not just some developers and a select few.
How can we lobby State government to take such action?
January 15th 2010
Boy, How stupid would you be to build on land which is marked on the Townsville & Thuringowa Tsunami Evacuation Guide as a 'possible area of inundation'!?

Guess you would also need to be prepared to lose at lot, as I can't see any insurance company wanting to know you let alone come to your party, 'metres from the water in a low - lying cyclone area'.

Protester #1
January 15th 2010
...and if it is surely to go ahead, there is definitely no way it could be stopped, what with the numerous island protesters and the tiny "surface area" that is the Florence intersection.
Chris C
January 15th 2010
I'm with you Ben - TCC should ask to see their insurance policy before even thinking about anything else.

Good article george

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