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December 2nd 2009
Public Notice: Nelly Bay Harbour main breakwall naming proposal

Following is an important Public Notice from the Queensland Government's Transport and Main Roads (TMR).

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Public Notice: Nelly Bay Harbour main breakwall naming proposal
Sara Shaw
December 1st 2009
I think 'Presto Breakwater' is a perfect name. Maybe it also opens up the opportunity to have a large signage board at the start of the breakwater near the carpark which tells the history of the Presto with a 'For more information visit the Historical Museum in Picnic Bay' at the end.
Sylvia Hayes
December 2nd 2009
I agree with Sara. What a great idea about the signage board too.
December 2nd 2009
"Twinned with Tirana" has a certain truthful ring.
December 2nd 2009
Whilst I'm pleased about bringing the name Presto back to life in Nelly Bay I'm seriously uncomfortable about the word "breakwater". Since 1989 we have been forced to acknowledge and dutifully respect that the construction enclosing the Nelly Bay harbour is not a breakwater but in fact an island. We all know it's a legal fiction and a devilish, fabulist, underhand, capricious artifice but the founding fathers of that blot on our landscape couldn't and wouldn't have it any other way. They knew that as a breakwater it was outlawed under the Australian Constitution, but as an island connected by a bridge it was all truth and happiness and knighthoods all round. Just ask Sir Mick Curtain - the joke was on us.
Just last August the Queensland Government (which owns the thing after all) contracted a consultant to devise a shoaling erosion report for the beach adjacent to the Nelly Bay harbour - a beach which will consume the tarmac of The Esplanade within the next few months, with or without climate change or sea level rise. The consultant will doubtless confront the fact that the manmade island with its phoney 'bridge' and whatever geographical etymological mutation applies to the space under the bridge, causes in part, in sum and in the management thereof, the beach erosion. The 'gap' makes it an island not a breakwater and the gap is the problem.
If the State Government wants to use the old ship's name let's face the facts,'fess up and call it Presto Island. We have to live with it.... so should they.
December 3rd 2009
I think Welcome to"White Elephant Harbour" !!!!?
December 6th 2009
Whilst we're on the subject of Presto Island I should point out that this is an island within (and surrounded on all sides by) the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park. So I would have thought (hopelessly?) that the Commonwealth and its management authority, GBRMPA - headquartered in Townsville, would have more than a passing interest in this matter.
Or maybe not, as we saw in Horseshoe Bay when the Red Baron's very flight path came under legal challenge, because the GBRMPA now has a dubious record regarding the stewardship of its World Heritage listed real estate. In that matter the shape of the bay gave away the Commonwealth status. Nelly Bay harbour only needs the flimsiest challenge and it will also fall off the cliff. Ho hum.
December 8th 2009
Mr Editor, please indulge me one more time on this subject as the more I think about it the more I can see a novel approach for our beloved Queensland Government and its ever-vigilant sentinels in glorious Queensland Transport.
I have suggested before in this organ, that the continued disturbance of the moving-settling-moving-settling sands under the Constitution Bridge appears (from the evidence of the past 6-7 years since the bridge was opened and the 'island' created) to promote and exacerbate the serious and ongoing beach erosion a few hundred metres away. If the shoaling erosion consultant finds that the simplest effective solution would be to fill the 'gap' under the bridge with stone and let the moving sand stabilize in a smooth curve against the reformed 'breakwater' - as it was between 1990 - 2000 - then we should try to actually make this happen.
If the GBRMPA issues instructions to open the gap (as it regularly does now) Queensland should meet them in Court and inform them they no longer have jurisdiction over the waters of the harbour because, like Horseshoe Bay, that space is 'internal waters of Queensland'. Hey, Presto - game over!
Just thinking......

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