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November 18th 2009
Nelly Bay Harbour landscaping plan revealed

The breakwall area to be landscaped The much awaited landscaping plan for Magnetic Island’s Nelly Bay Harbour main breakwater has been unveiled.

In a press release to Magnetic Times, Member for Townsville Mandy Johnstone said the plan incorporated ideas suggested by Island residents, and input from the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority, the Regional Harbour Master, Townsville City Council and Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service.

“The landscape designers were very impressed with the feedback from the local community and the quality of the suggestions,” Ms Johnstone said.

“The final plan is for a lot of green space, trees for shade, and footpaths

“Because the area is within the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park, it is also subject to environmental conditions designed to safeguard the health of the nearby coral reefs.”

Ms Johnstone said the designers had taken on board the strong call from local residents for native vegetation and lots of palm trees for visual amenity.

“Now we are going to get on with installing the landscaping in stages over the next two to three years” Ms Johnstone said.

“Stage One, to be completed in the next six months, is likely to include the installation of a permanent irrigation system and placement of trees, including palm trees, and turfing close to the paths.

“Thanks to all the residents who took the time to have their say and provide the designers with information about the types of things the community wants.”

Ms Johnstone said the new landscape plan was available for viewing at Nelly Bay Harbour ferry terminal.

Following are reformatted (for this website) versions of the design plan by PLACE Design Group. The first image should be seen as adjoining (on its right side) the image below it with a small overlap. At the bottom is the Masterplan and Tree Canopy Legend followed by the Legend/Design strategy.

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Nelly Bay Harbour landscaping plan revealed
Chris C
November 18th 2009
What's that saying about making a silk purse out of a sow's ear ???????
November 20th 2009
Aww !! Pretty....BUT!!
What about the poor Rock Wallaby's that have already been kicked out of their first home, will they be considored when all of this dream takes place???
November 23rd 2009
Patricia, if you look at point No.3 in the Legend / Design Strategy at the end of the article you can see that the resident rock wallabies have, at least, been considered.
November 24th 2009
Thank you Charlie,
A case of me not paying attention to detail,
Cheers Patricia

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