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November 4th 2009
Ali opens her new business

Ali with Karen at work in the new business With over 10 years on Magnetic Island as the face fronting bookings and reception counters of many Island accommodation houses, Ali Angus of Picnic Bay has finally taken her wealth of experience and training and opened Discovery Travel and Internet Magnetic Island, a new shop where Ali can advise Islanders of the best to be had on their holidays away and for visitors to find the best to be had on Magnetic when they arrive.

Located in the IGA shopping area near the Nelly Bay Harbour Terminal, the shop also includes a spacious Internet den where customers can go online on 14 machines using a card that records their online times and enables left over amounts to be drawn upon at later dates. The shop is also an air conditioned oasis for laptop-carrying users who can use its hotspot access too.

And while Ali sees the internet access as about 50% of her operation, her travel services are all about what Ali believes the Internet doesn't know. Ali is acutely aware of the impact online sales have had on airline travel agents of the past and simply isn't in that sort of business. “As a travel agent I know everyone's products. I know all of my products – like Magnetic Island car hire, I know all of what is available. I know the competitor's products and what makes one a bit better than the other to close the sale. The Internet doesn't know that”

Ali is speaking with some authority. Apart from her years on the reception at Bungalow Bay, Sunferries, Magnums and the International Resort (now All Seasons) she is fully qualified in International retail travel sales, tourism operations and has completed studies in business administration. “I had this plan for about 5 years and now it's working,” she said.

The shop is still looking rather spacious but Ali is soon to add the souvenirs section and is keen that Island businesses do themselves a favour and keep her stocked with brochures and information. “I urge Island business people to be in touch with all their material,” she said.

Ali is assisted by another well-known local, Karen Gill, who, with Ali, will help keep the shop open for 365 days per year.

For the record, Discovery Travel and Internet Magnetic Island is open Mon- Sat from 8am to 6pm and Sundays from 8am to 3pm. Internet costs are $4 for 1 hour, $3 for 30 minutes and $2 for 20 minutes.

Story & photo: George Hirst

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Ali opens her new business
November 3rd 2009
Congratulations Ali. We hope that this works well for you. We have every confidence in you.
Joanne and the team at Tropicana Stretched Jeeps
Jodi @ team at Nahmahlu, Nelly Bay
November 3rd 2009
Fabulous news Ali, Magnetic Island has so much to offer and with your wealth of knowledge, we will surely all benefit from your support. Best of Luck!
November 3rd 2009
Congratulations Ali
A necessary resource in a good location with two top locals who know our community, which can only be a bonus for visitors and locals alike.
Kevin and Katy
November 3rd 2009
Congratulations Ali - experience and knowledge + a huge happy personality - the tourists will love you.
Daniel Daniel
November 3rd 2009
Good on yer Ali, Rose and I hope you do well with your new venture.
With your experience and excellent attitude towards people you should go far. Pun intended.
Regards Dan and Rose and puppies.
nev grimshaw
November 4th 2009
Congratulations on opening your travel business.
Can you do airline bookings for us for next June?
Howard Davis
November 4th 2009
With Karen in your store you can't go wrong Her family are wonderfull and very kind hearted.This no dout will flow through your business best of luck
Shelley Valentine
November 4th 2009
Congratulations Ali Just what the Island needed! Karen sure is the best person to have on board! good luck with it all...
nadine gallagher
November 4th 2009
Great work Ali, look forward to working with you and referring lots of customers.
Nadine Gallagher
Karen Stephen
November 5th 2009

Your gain is GBRMPA's loss! We miss Karen around here.

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