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October 9th 2009
If you love Maggie - help clean her up

Rubbish dumped near the golf club As a reminder to all who love Magnetic Island, this Sunday, 11 October, is Clean-Up Maggie Day as part of Clean-Up Australia's Great Northern Clean-Up.

Already we hear of teams of Cleaner-Uppers setting fantastic goals to clean from Foodworks in Nelly Bay to X-Base along the road and beach and others heading in the opposite direction.

Another group of volunteers are tackling a long term mess that keeps returning. It is the deliberate dumping of green and not so green waste along the West Point Road. Townsville City Coucil has already removed many wrecked cars and other rubbish and chased down the polluters but still they appear.

For Sunday morning a team is being organised by, QPWS Ranger, Jo Petersen, to collect other rubbish dumped at various locations along the way. It should be interesting to see if they come up with any evidence that might help identify the grubs who dumped it and lead to prosecutions.

If you would like to help Jo's team the advice is the meet at 8.30am on Sunday morning at the QPWS Office on Hurst Street in Picnic Bay.

To get out and get involved in other locations it is, however, important to register yourself as a cleaner-upper so that insurance can be extended to you while you work.

Magnetic Island's co-ordinating organisation is Magnetic Island Nature Care (MINCA) and President, Wendy Tubman told Magnetic Times, "Volunteers are encouraged to register early, in the days before 'Clean-Up Sunday' - either online at or by phoning the coordinator in the Bay where they will be cleaning, who will be able to give them clean-up bags."

"For those who forget to register early, you can register on the day between 8.30 am and 10.30 am - when coordinators will be in Picnic Bay (at the head of the jetty); Nelly Bay (outside Foodworks); Arcadia (on Alma Bay beach); and Horseshoe (at the Book Booth at the markets)."

"Registering means that you are insured. However, take care when cleaning - wear gloves and shoes - as well as a hat to protect you from the sun. And take special care when cleaning-up on roadsides.

"If possible take full bags home with you and leave them out with your normal garbage collection. Otherwise leave bags kerb-side in a safe spot for pick-up by MI Waste contractors.

"Please leave the bags tied up or closed in some way so that curious possums etc don't get into them before they are picked up. And if you can separate recyclable from other waste it would be appreciated!"

Bay coordinators are:
Picnic Bay: Barbara Gibbs 4758 1835 or 0429 887 448
Nelly Bay: Wendy Tubman 4758 1003
Arcadia: Marie de Monchaux 4758 1347
Horseshoe Bay: Claudia Gaber 4758 1119

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If you love Maggie - help clean her up
wendy tubman
October 9th 2009
Thanks in advance for all the help that has been offered so far in the Clean-Up - and to all those yet to volunteer...

It would be good to get an idea of where the 'worst' litter problems are - and worst litter. (We can ask for additional bins in relevant places, and suggest to makers of items that commonly end up as litter to do there bit to stop the problem.) SO, it would be helpful if cleaner-uppers posted their 'findings' on this comment page (George and Pen willing, of course!)

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