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September 15th 2009
Skate Comp cancelled - what to do?

Island skater Nahir Vasconcelos in action Due to a shortfall of just $1500, to cover insurance, the Bay Days Skate Comp, planned for this Sunday, has been cancelled. And while the Festival Committee are pledging to make every endeavor to include this activity next year, the impact on some young Islanders will be a hard one. In the following letter to Magnetic Times, Horseshoe Bay resident Dani Ryan writes about the cancellation's effects and what might be done about it.

Dani writes,

You are probably already aware that a $1500 shortfall in funding for insurance sees our first Bay Days skate comp cancelled!

I am sorely sorry for a community that is held to ransom over fear of litigation. What the???

Our youth have enjoyed the use of the park for years. They have gained skills, fitness, friendships, sunburn and countless injuries. As far as I know there has been no litigation. We parents have taken the limbs for X-ray, cleaned the grazes and strapped them up for another fun day at the skate park.

Over the past few months our youth have been training, honing their skills, organizing the purchase of a new deck, new bearings etc for the big day where they can for once show us what they can do.

Skating is a bit of an outlaw sport in that it is not organized by parent groups and there are no official gatherings as such, no match after a week of training. The participants are totally self motivated, they have to be to do what they do out in the hot sun day after day. They love it.

Our youth have been talking up the skate comp and I am aware of many kids who were planning a trip Maggie for the comp. I know of kids from Melbourne who were planning to spend Saturday night watching skate movies at my place before the comp on Sunday morning.

I believe we are going to have a huge influx of youth in HSB this Sunday. Please Maggie, find a way to give these kids the stage they deserve.

In failing that, how about an 'unofficial' day at the skatepark to show respect to our kids and to support the loss of their skate comp.

Its a rotten thing when anticipation grows and then falls flat. Come on Maggie, connect with your youth and bring a chair, a hat and a cheer for great skating.
Correct me if I am wrong.. but I don't believe there is any room for litigation in that.

Dani Ryan

For an insight into the passion of one young Islander for his sport who would have also benefitted from the Skate Comp click HERE (Ed.)

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Skate Comp cancelled - what to do?
Barbara Gibbs
September 15th 2009
What the? Aren't MICDA involved with Bay Days? They are ever willing to put up insurance for other groups, why not these kids? No comprende.
Dani Ryan (not Daniela)
September 15th 2009
Interesting to read the Bulli today and find the planned car park shade for the solar cities project.
Please someone tell me why cars need shade when our kids are in the sun. Since the skate park was initially built we have been canvassing for shade. Just a bit more salt in the wound to know that the purse strings stretch for shade for a non-existent car park. Once again what the? Oh and by the way who will use this shaded space? Staff? Aren't all the staff cars air-conditioned?
Mick McDermott
September 16th 2009
It's a shame that these kids missed out! Our youth should never be overlooked!

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