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August 31st 2009
Seniors teach us about true romance

Ivan and Lorraine Molloy Townsville City Council's Seniors Music day held recently at Alma Bay was another delightful afternoon of music in the most perfect of settings. And after one reader, Barbara Gibbs, sent us this photo we thought it should be shared with everybody with a passion for good old fashioned romance.

The picture is of Lorraine and Ivan Molloy of Mt.Martha in Victoria who visit Magnetic Island every year for 3 months to stay at Nelly Bay Esplanade.  Ivan Molloy is blind and we understand that Lorraine is also losing her sight but it was clear that neither had lost their vision of what can be done with some good music. Described by Barbara as a, “very inspirational couple with great sense of humour,” its such a treat to see our public spaces come alive with music and people who love it.

Music on the day was performed by the Barramundi Bros, Marion Bligh and the Thuringowa Brass Band.

Below are some other photos we captured at Seniors Music Day while Thuringowa Brass were in action.

If you have photos you think help capture the beautiful moments we live on Magnetic Island for why not send them to us so we can share them with the world. Just email

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Seniors teach us about true romance
Sylvia Hayes
August 31st 2009
This was a great afternoon of music, munchies and meeting new people.Townsville City council is to be congratulated on excellent organisation and very enthusiastic staff serving the enormous lamington!

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