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August 6th 2009
Arcadia Resort & bistro closed till September

The Arcadia Pub and Bistro On Tuesday this week the management of Magnetic Island's Arcadia Hotel and Resort suddenly reverted to the lease holders, Queensland Trustees & Investment Ltd, who had sub-let the major Island backpacker accommodation house to Norpubs', Mr Paul Casey. QTI have now closed the resort with its bistro and kitchen for three weeks. The public bar and bottleshop however remains open.

Ms Elisabeth Hackett from QTI told Magnetic Times she couldn't comment on the relationship between Mr Casey and QTI but that, “The management agreement has ended and we are now back (on Magnetic Island) on a permanent basis,” she said adding, “I'm hoping we can come to some happy conclusion.”

Magnetic Times has not been able to contact Mr Casey for a comment but, according to Elisabeth Hackett, the three week period will see a major, “clean up and freshen-up”.

It is expected the Resort will reopen on September 1.

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Arcadia Resort & bistro closed till September
August 6th 2009
QTI ran this place into oblivion for many years, can't you all see what's really going on here??? Greedy corporate big wigs with no idea of how to serve (and benefit from) the community! What did we all think of Arkies when QTI were at the helm - "Welcome to Fight Club" that's how! Give it up Ms Hacket, come clean on your real vision for this part of your real estate portfolio!
David J
August 9th 2009
Resort? I must have missed that part of the dump. What an abuse of an english word, and the poor people that are sucked in by its use.
August 11th 2009
Very interesting comments, I doubt anyone could ressurect the "resort"
We did have it all once, and then along came GREED, soon the place became the shambles that it is now.
Good Luck! it is very much needed if the "New Management" considers the 'locals' who are still here in the quiet season, they may have half a chance..
August 13th 2009
"New Management" ???? Past performance of QTI in the "resort" (ha ha ha) suggests we are all up for the same old, same old. Good luck QTI - you'll need it if you wanna turn this dump around. Think outside of the narrow visions you have demonstrated to date! Do you guys adopt that stupid saying "if it ain't fixed, then why bother....?" - Show some leadership to local business and stop being so greedy and sanctimonious!

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