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August 5th 2009
Sand movements at Nelly Bay

Following is an important notice from the Department of Transport & Main Roads regarding the replenishment of sand at Nelly Bay beach next week.

Sand movements at Nelly Bay
Andy Lewis
August 4th 2009
It would be interesting to know the cost of this work in terms of carbon emmissions?
David Ede
August 4th 2009
It is interesting that West Point has a massive sand errosion issue where 75 feet of sand has been washed away in front of houses at the Young Bay end due to the creek changing it's historical mouth exit point after heavy lots of rain in the last two wet seasons.

A solution to stop this errosion has been rejected. Next summer it is possible that some of the properties concerned will have sea water being washed onto their front steps.

The solution is simple use a large end loader for two hours and recut the creek opening where it historically came out and the sand will stop being washed away.

West Point Residents pay up more $4000 per year in rates. One would think that a two hour hire of an end loader (sanctioned by the RTC) could be done given the Ok for a huge expense about to happen at Nelly Bay to relocate the sand.

The sand issue will be around forever at Nelly Bay, Picnic Bay and West Point due to the building of the Burdekin Dam which no longer spews millions of tonnes of sand into the sea each wet season. I am not against the Burdekin Dam but every time we make a major change to the rivers and waterfront there is an after effect.

West Points Creek mouth solution is not structural and will last at least another ten years and stop the existing sand being washed towards Palm Island.

David EDE
West Point Property Owner
August 6th 2009
In about 1974, Townsville City Council thought it would solve (once and for all) the problem of the migrating (Gustav) creek mouth in Nelly Bay. At the time there was a bulldozer on Magnetic Island (privately creating a new track through the national park to Radical Bay) so when it was done over there Council got it to push sand around for a few days at the Bright Point end of Nelly Bay. Within a couple of days, a good tide and a bit of a south easter, everything that had been done was undone. It was a complete waste of time by someone who had no idea what they were doing.
If you look at the Constitution Bridge, the sand build-up there and the outrageous erosion and trees falling down a few hundred metres away - you are seeing something very similar. And in a few days some contractor will push the sand around and drive trucks up and down and be seen to do something (mainly smoke and mirrors) and it will all come to nought. As it has done every year since 2002 when the bridge opening was created.
This is the blind leading the blind and as you'd expect, they can't see the damage they are doing. They just pick up the cheque which Our Anna dutifully provides and another five metres of the Esplanade is set to wash away. Soon the big fig tree will fall over, playground equipment will topple, the bitumen will be undermined and they'll have to quarry a bit more of Bright Point to shore up the busted waterfront.
Barbara Gibbs
August 6th 2009
Whenn will people learn that sand shifts, and these rock walls always create accretion on one side, and erosion on the other???

My concern was, when I saw the sand being removed from the bridge area, that hydrocarbons bind to benthic soils, and when they are dredged, are once again dispersed into the waterways. This generally has a negative effect on life in these areas.

Also, when the trees were forced down by the huge tides,why weren't they used as a barrier for sand to collect, rather than permanently remove them and have to bring in sand from elsewhere?

Who actually advises the council on these issues?

What do you think? Send us your comments.

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