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July 29th 2009
Vessel overturns in Horseshoe Bay

The upturned Sea Ray in Horseshoe Bay yesterday A seven metre inboard vessel was found upended with only its bow showing above the waterline yesterday in Horseshoe Bay.

The vessel, a Sea Ray inboard, was refloated by Oceania Maritime Consultants' Peter Illidge who told Magnetic Times that he believed the vessel had hit something on Sunday and developed a slow leak which eventually sunk it and turned it over on Monday night.

As for the refloating, Peter Illidge said, “We put a lift bag inside the hull for extra buoyancy and then turned it over with our little barge before we pumped it out.

Nobody was aboard the vessel when it sank.

It was eventually removed by crane from the water at 2pm yesterday afternoon

The vessel belongs to a couple from Nelly Bay.

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Vessel overturns in Horseshoe Bay
July 29th 2009
Unfortunately your story doesn't explain the very curious twin-hulled vessel in the background of the photo.

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