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A young koala's beach adventure

Editorial | Mar 1st 2013
Don't worry about the CIA Minister
The time is fast approaching when the Australian and Queensland governments have to show that they are willing and able to protect the world heritage, national treasure and tourist icon, Australia's Great Barrier Reef, or slide hugely in favour of the coal industry and the vast amounts of money and influence it has over both sides of politics.
Editorial | Nov 21st 2012
Nelly Bay Gateway concept plan puts legs first
The history of Nelly Bay Harbour being bailed out by tax and ratepayers’ dollars continues with the release of the latest effort to stitch a little silk into the sow’s ear Magnetic Island was dealt after the former state government became the developer of a horribly botched canal estate plan after it had turned to mud and rubble in the late 20th century.
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Editorial | Oct 10th 2012
How Nine makes "Crime Island" pay
On Monday night Channel 9’s A Current Affair program screened “Crime Island” a report with an intro reading: “Welcome to Australia’s crime island. Beautiful one day but a holiday hell the next”, and, “a nightmare of drugs and violence”. To the astonishment of many locals and past visitors, the segment was about Magnetic Island!
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Editorial | Aug 19th 2012
Our new feathered fan
Looks like our spray against the misinformation peddled by the Townsville Bulletin in their non-story about an apparent Julian Assange Statue has found Magnetic Times a new fan. And he comes with feathers and a sharp beak.
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Editorial | Aug 17th 2012
Magnetic islanders standing up for Julian Assange
Magnetic islanders standing up for Julian Assange
Maggie Islanders stood up for Julian Assange
After a very difficult week offline due to technical problems and despite an appalling misrepresentation by the Murdoch-owned Townsville Bulletin - who didn't have the guts to post a quickly offered correction - the very wrong Julian Assange statue story failed to dent the enthusiasm, determination and energy of the 60 Magnetic Islanders and friends who joined together for a picnic at Picnic Bay to support for Julian Assange.
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Editorial | Aug 8th 2012
A great spot for a picnic at Picnic
A great spot for a picnic at Picnic
Supporting Julian Assange with a picnic at Picnic
It’s a fun and, we think, a very Magnetic Island way to support a former Islander who is risking his life to make a more open, transparent and accountable world. We are talking about the WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange, who lived on Magnetic as a boy and spent much of his time, with his mum, Christine, on beautiful Picnic Bay beach. This Sunday, Magnetic Times will be devouring a little cake and a cup of tea with friends at the Surf Lifesaving Club end of the beach to celebrate the achievements of Julian Assange and have a group photo taken to show our support. Of course, as an open public place, all who may wish to join us will be very welcome.
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Editorial | Jul 5th 2012
How the Qld Government just crippled the state's enviro defenders
If you are worried about a development that threatens your local environment or even the Great Barrier Reef, or you are a farmer about to have your groundwater extracted by mining or gas companies, or you are looking for help to know what’s lawfully possible to protect local bushland or wildlife habitat. Well, there is a small but very important place you could get good quality legal advice. It is called the Environmental Defenders Office or EDO but, yesterday, the Queensland government ceased, without notice, from June 30, all support to the organisation - about $97,000 or half the body’s recurrent funding.
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Editorial | Jun 15th 2012
Environment Minister, Tony Burke
Environment Minister, Tony Burke
A great green gain from Gillard government
The Gillard government deserves major congratulations after yesterday’s announcement to create the world’s largest network of marine reserves including a huge area in the Coral Sea which, in itself, covers an area more than half the size of Queensland.
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Editorial | Mar 3rd 2012
Julian Assange
Julian Assange
Sinister forces chasing Assange revealed
Having reported on the Magnetic Island childhood of WikiLeaks’ Editor in Chief, Julian Assange, it is indeed distressing to learn of the new attempts to destroy this brave and world-changing Australian who has now spent over 450 days under house arrest. Revelations by hacktivist group Anonymous have shone the light on the activities of the American security organisation, Stratfor, and their secret (until now) work to “screw the terrorist (Julian Assange)”. Among the 5 million hacked emails - of which 4000 refer to Assange - we learn just how threatening and creepy this organisation, with direct links to the US government, is, in its intentions towards Julian Assange, WikiLeaks, Julian’s family and, indeed, anybody linked to WikiLeaks.
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Editorial | Nov 11th 2011
Julian as a boy at Picnic Bay on Magnetic Island
Julian as a boy at Picnic Bay on Magnetic Island
If you ever wanted to make a difference...
With the visit of US President Barack Obama to Australia just a week away, one former Magnetic Island resident will picket the visit in a desperate attempt to seek the attention of Mr Obama over the future of her son. She is Christine Assange and her son, WikiLeaks, whistle-blowing website, founder, Julian Assange, is now in great danger of being extradited to the United States via Sweden. Christine recently wrote on a placard in front of PM Julia Gillard’s office in Melbourne, “Save Julian Assange from torture in prison, no extradition,” and she is looking for the support of readers to call on the Australian government to defend her son’s rights.
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The current threat to Magnetic Island's most famous son
He grew up on Magnetic Island and has set about changing the world [ read more ]
$150 prize for Magnetic Island story, photo/s, drawing, cartoon
Dear readers, Quite a few of you already know Magnetic Times is on leave [ read more ]
Walkway “commitment” walk away
"I have committed to deliver federal funding of $4 [ read more ]
An Assange sculpture for Magnetic Island?
Admiration for Magnetic Island's Julian Assange grows exponentially and, this week, one reader called for a statue to the world's wikiest whistleblower to be erected at Picnic Bay [ read more ]
Cockle waste site will threaten rare plants and animals
Last Saturday a petition, reported to have contained about 300 signatures, was presented to Cr Trevor Roberts at a meeting of the Magnetic Island Residents and Ratepayers Association (MIRRA) [ read more ]
Turtle nesting season opens
Keeping cars well back, dogs on their leashes and not lighting fires on the beach foreshore are three simple ways to help the survival of baby turtles during the turtle nesting season which began early this week with the first reported nesting occurring at West Point [ read more ]
State budget: Pity there's no coal on Magnetic Island
General learning area renewal work at the MI State School, support for MI Limited Childcare and some guardrail upgrading along our narrow Island roads, were the only Magnetic-specific expenditures we noted in this week's State Budget [ read more ]
Merry Christmas...oops
It's that time of year again and we couldn't help passing on this story and funny photo that's spreading around the world on email [ read more ]
Magnetic Times technical difficulties
Magnetic Times wish to advise all readers that due to technical difficulties we are presently very limited in our capacity to publish articles on the website [ read more ]
Let's not let them get away with it
While Magnetic Island residents and businesses strive to lower their carbon footprint in the hope of lessening the impacts of climate change and saving the Great Barrier Reef; a very powerful lobby group is spending up big at trying to change public opinion to do just the opposite [ read more ]
Our new masthead
Eight years ago Magnetic Times went online to become the very first news website in north Queensland [ read more ]
Readers comments
Tonia In reply to The ongoing price of Nelly Bay Harbour
It's 14 years since I last visited Maggy. I am shocked by Nelly Bay and saddened. It is insensitive, ugly and juxtaposed to the essence of Maggy. I embrace progress in general, but this is poorly conceived and executed. Shame.
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