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January 19th 2010
MI History and Craft Centre Inc. & Magnetic Museum

Magnetic Island History and Craft Centre and Magnetic Museum is a vital cultural resource for the Island and region. Following is basic information about the organisation, its aims and activities. (Ed.)

Mission statement
To preserve the history and cultural heritage of Magnetic Island and establish, maintain and promote a museum and centre for the Islandís cultural heritage and crafts

Statement of purpose for Magnetic Museum
To foster an active interest in the historical and cultural heritage of Magnetic Island by conserving, developing, maintaining, promoting and providing access to its museum collection

Magnetic Island History and Craft Centre is an incorporated, not-for-profit organization, managed and run by volunteers. MIHCC has full tax deductibility status with the Australian Taxation Office and is recognized as a charitable institution. The organization began as a craft co-operative c1980 and was incorporated on 23 October 1996. The Magnetic Island History and Craft Centre is located on Granite Street, Picnic Bay, near the Police Station.

Main activities
MIHCC operates a museum and sells locally made craft and historical publications in the heritage listed Picnic Bay School and the historic relocated Butler Hut. Magnetic Museum shows Island history through permanent displays in the Butler Memorial Room and the school, and by changing and annual exhibitions. In Butler Hut the Hayles Room for Research can be used by visitors.
MIHCC promotes the production of quality craft on Magnetic Island and works with other groups and individuals to facilitate the preservation of the Islandís heritage.

New members are most welcome and anyone interested in joining can do so as a craft person and/or as a volunteer at the museum.

Opening times
Open 10am to 2pm (closed Tuesdays) from Easter to Australia Day.
Butler Hut is open Wednesday to Friday and by appointment.

Contact details
President: Zanita Davies 07 47785606
Postal address: c/- Post Office, Magnetic Island, Queensland 4819

MI History and Craft Centre Inc. & Magnetic Museum
Rob Bates
October 30th 2003
Hi, recently visited the island & was interested in the history of the small graveyard. The gates were "dedicated" to Flight Sargeant Swanson & Sargeant Anderson but no-one we spoke to knew anything, nor was there any info in the graveyard. So, now we're back in cold old Melbourne, can you throw any light on this? Cheers Rob Bates
andy nash
March 17th 2004
Hi Magnetic Island Did you know that our school linked with Magnetic Island State School in 1997 and discovered an amazing historical link between our school and your community? Less than 50 metres from our school gates lives a descendent of the Bright brothers, the founders of your modern community and she (Mrs. Sylvia Clarke)is now 104 years old. Check out our school website for the full story and an amazing old photograph.
Vaughan Cullen
September 30th 2004
Hi, In 1915 or thereabouts the ship Tyburnia was left to rest on the shore of Mandalay bay and in the next few years bits were taken of her . It is believed that her Hardwood deck planking was removed and used as park benches . The tyburnia was an immigrant vessel to Aust & N.Z. and wonder if any photos of her are around of her time on the beech before she was taken to townsville to be broken up . There is on photo in the Vict. state lib of mandalay bay with a vessel ashore but thats all I have found. regards Vaughan.
Rod Kay
September 18th 2006
I am also very interested in what happened to the Tyburnia. My family (the Howlett's) came to Australia in 1874 aboard this vessel and I would love to find information on its history and providence, it's final resting place is an important part of my family's history. The Sydney Heritage Fleet located in Pyrmont contains valuable information about all immigrant vessels, including the Tyburnia.
Darryl Leeson
March 13th 2012
Att, Aline Melvin , just received your letter re 100yr anniversary of Picknic Bay school. Ted Crevola was my teacher for two years,please put me on mailing list ,my parents still live in Tvlle along with my brother so perfect excuse to go see them.
Rob Morton
April 28th 2012
Regarding the Tyburnia, Greenwich Maritime Museum has a fine painting of her. My family came to NZ on this ship in 1863.
Deb Brady
September 15th 2012
To Rob Bates, re the gates named in honour of Sgt Anderson, this was my gradnfather, John JAmes Anderson or Jack as he was known. He was a fireman based in Townsville, & Nana lived on "Maggy" with my mum and her 2 sisters. He enlisted in 1941, and sadly was interned at the fall of Singapore in '42. He died later that year.

Mum remembers attending the ceremony when the gates were dedicated, by this stage Nan had moved the family . I will check with my mum to see if she can remeber anything about Sgt Swanson.

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