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August 31st 2013
Will Greens' voters fall into a trap?

Islander and Greens candidate with senate prospect Adam Stone Hundreds of thousands of progressive Queensland voters may be trapped into electing a right-wing candidate to the state's last Senate seat, former Greens Leader Bob Brown said in Brisbane today.

Realistically, the sixth Senate seat will be a race between Bob Katter party's James Blundell and the Queensland Greens' Adam Stone.

The trap for Labor voters is that their preferences go to KAP. Similarly, a vote for the Democrats and some other progressive parties ends up being a vote for Bob Katter.

"Most Australian voters do not want both houses of parliament in the hands of Tony Abbott or people who support his key policies,” Dr Brown said. “But that could be the result of a vote for Labor or the Democrats in the Senate in Queensland next Saturday.

“Katter opposes equal marriage rights, protecting the Galilee Basin from open-cut coal mines, humane treatment of asylum seekers coming to Australia and stronger laws against animal cruelty. “The Greens and party Leader Christine Milne support all these things.

“Katter will not stand in the way of Tony Abbott dismantling Australia's environment protection laws as he clearly intends to do. He will not oppose promised moves by Abbott to rip World Heritage protection from Tasmania's grand forests or the removal of protections from the nation's marine national parks.

“To avoid having their Senate vote siphoned off to the Abbott side of politics progressive voters should take no risk and vote one for the Greens in the Senate.”

Mr Stone said both old parties’ policies were so similar, the Greens were the only ones providing a viable alternative.

“When Bob Katter was Queensland Mines Minister he favoured the destruction of our environment through unrestricted mining development and now he wants to open up our natural areas for hunting and shooting.

“The only sure way to get a progressive outcome in the Senate with a party standing up for what matters is to vote directly for the Greens in Column Q.”

Will Greens' voters fall into a trap?
Jenny Stirling
August 30th 2013
If you are of the Left then you will be voting Green in the Senate because realistically Labor is highly unlikely to get another quota for a Senate seat, whereas the Greens can.
Gail Hamilton
August 30th 2013
Just to clarify the headline, the trap is for Labor voters not Greens voters. When people vote Greens in the senate, their vote will stay with the Greens ( probably) but a vote for ALP WILL be distributed to Katter
George Hirst
August 30th 2013
Yes Gail you are correct and my apologies for the confusion. I was thinking more in terms of Greens preference intentions by voters who intended to place Labor first.
August 31st 2013
I don't understand how these extra senate seats (anyone got an Australian political system for idiots guide?)work, but isn't it always possible to take the loooooong voting slip and fill in your own preferences?
August 31st 2013
btw lovely pic, Gail, and you look very comfortable in your own skin.
Gail Hamilton
August 31st 2013
Yes, it is possible (and recommended) to vote below the line in the senate and control your own preferences. Voting above the line requires trust in your primary party to allocate preferences appropriately. In the lower house, voters always have control of their preferences, how to vote cards are merely a suggestion.
(Perhaps Magnetic Times could do a story on the electoral system?)
September 2nd 2013
There are a number of excellent explanations of the Australian electoral system available online. Just Google 'Australia preferential voting' and look at the Wikipedia entry for example. It is well worth learning properly about how to vote because the way political parties manipulate voters (because of their well known ignorance), whilst blatant and shameful, is easily countered by a little self-obtained knowledge. Voting is an empowering experience - we should never let our politicians forget it. Don't be intimidated by pushy party operatives handing out how-to-vote cards at the voting station. You are entitled to vote any way you like. No one can decide the allocation of your preferences unless you specifically invite them to do so. So, get some knowledge, make up your own mind and go to the polling station with an intent to get your own way. This is your individual chance to send your own message. Use it!
Pat Coleman
September 8th 2013
I warned labor at the highest levels to bring in optional preferential before parliament finshed.Im not labor and they are the authors of their own demise just as they were at the last qld state election.

The labor party has been found to be corrupt and people like Penny Wong admitted it.

And on the issue of Penny who cried in parliament when the parliament refused to legalise same sex marriage (and for the life of me I cant see a problem with it ,there is no god) I would say that feminists would say to people in a violent relationship ,get out of it THE LABOR PARTY IS AN ACT OF VIOLENCE. They always say they are united , very well, they re a UNITARY ACTOR , one in all in, they are bent.

After this election Optional preferential MUST be a central issue, when it is brought up the libs will try to cynically counter it by suggesting voluntary voting like the yanks have got. The Voting age should be dropped to 16 (though the right to stand be retained at 18). The big parties are laughing at us and hold democracy in contempt. Read this from Anthony Albanese (The Australian 23-4 2013 p 18)
“That’s why compulsory preferential (voting) is such a winner .It just stops these pricks from grand-standing the way they love to do by just saying ‘vote one’ . They have to make a choice , which is something they hate to do”

Please vote for my mate Gail if you havent already done so. Everyone else is a right winger or is preferencing them. Whatever happens I know it wont be the last anyone sees of Gail.

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