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May 31st 2013
Rescuers heading for Horseshoe Creek

Yes, there is a creek behind the weeds Question: Do you know the name of the lagoon creek which runs behind the Horseshoe Bay shops? It's a name that sits a little at odds with the way the creek has succumbed to weeds and rubbish at various locations over the years but, tomorrow afternoon, residents are invited to attend a free community barbecue alongside "Wellbeloved Creek" when Magnetic Island Creek Rescue kicks off their clean-up and restoration work there.

Magnetic Island Creek Rescue will see the community work with professional contractors to 'rescue' specific creeks in the various Island Bays from the ravages of weeds and littering.

The project aims to clean up areas of five Island waterways: Butler Creek in Picnic Bay, Kirk Creek in Nelly Bay, Peterson and Alma Creeks in Arcadia and Wellbeloved Creek in HSB.

The work will improve the quality of water in creeks that flow to the Great Barrier Reef; protect creek habitats and increase their natural resilience; and improve the overall beauty of Magnetic Island.

The work will depend a lot on the assistance of volunteers, and everyone is invited along to the barbecue to learn about what is planned and how they can be involved in restoring some of the natural beauty if our Island.

Research by the Magnetic Island History and Craft Centre enabled the 're-discovery' of the delightful name: ‘Wellbeloved Creek’.

You are warmly welcomed to come along on Saturday, 1 June at 4pm, end of Henry Lawson Drive (east).

Magnetic Island Creek Rescue is a collaboration between Magnetic Island Nature care Association (MINCA), MI community Development Association (MICDA), Geoffrey Bay Coastcare, Olympus Crescent Coastcare and North Queensland Conservation Council.

The project is part of an Everyone’s Environment grant project funded by the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection.

Rescuers heading for Horseshoe Creek
May 30th 2013
I take it that the "end of Henry Lawson Drive (east)", is at the point where Dent Street intersects with Henry Lawson St?
May 30th 2013
As delightfull as you percieved the name "Wellbeloved Creek" to be, please acknowledge that waterway had an Aboriginal language name well before any anglo name was assigned. Any signage promoting this creek (and all the other creeks mentioned)should also include the respective traditional Aboriginal language name (and story references) too.
Don and Marjorie
June 1st 2013
Excellent news. It's long overdue.
Congratulations to those who have initiated this.
Angela Moore
June 1st 2013
good idea Stafford. For heaps of signs,how good would that be
Jen Parry
June 2nd 2013
I am a resident in Picnic Bay and would love to volunteer to help with the clean ups. I've only just found this website and missed the bbq to get more info. Please let me know where and when I'm needed and I'll be there. Cheers Jen

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