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April 15th 2013
Islanders recognised in NQ Arts Awards

Marilyn Sheather with her NQ Arts Award Marilyn Sheather of Nelly Bay and organiser of the Great Tropical Jazz Parties on Magnetic Island was recognised last Friday night, for her enormous service to the community, when she received a North Queensland Art Award at the Townsville Civic Theatre for her work which has seen an annual, world class, Jazz festival held on Magnetic Island for the last 17 years.

“I was very excited. Really gobsmacked!” Marilyn told Magnetic Times. There were two other beautiful young girls nominated who are now recording music but when David Salisbury read out what was required I thought, the others haven’t done this. Then MC Bernie Lanigan started talking about everything I’d done from my singing through to organising the Great Tropical Jazz Party.

“It (the award) really makes it worthwhile! After the Jazz Parties and (sometimes) criticism I ask myself why am I doing this. But after having gone to the Civic Theatre with hundreds of people there I thought, no, it is worth it!”

Another Islander and musician of great talent, Matt Whitton, along with collaborator Fairlie Sandilands (Fairlie is not Island resident but very involved in the MI History and Craft Centre) were, we hear, key players in two other awards. One, in Film & New Media Award for “The Spine of Creativity” and the other, a Regional Arts Development Fund Award, “Living Life with a Disability," for the work they and the Spinal Injuries Association of Townsville has done in the Arts.

Not missing an opportunity to promote the Island jazz festival, Marilyn mentioned that this year’s Party was almost not going to happen until a one-off donation of $5,000 from a secret supporter rescued the budget which is almost entirely spent on airfares and accommodation.

And, this year, Marilyn says, the venue will be the Picnic Bay Hotel’s Water Oasis Garden over the weekend of August 24-25, so mark your diaries. And the line-up is set to be the cream of Australian jazz with a strong emphasis on collaboration AKA jamming!

So, congratulations Marilyn for your ongoing efforts and passion and very well done Matt and Fairlie.

Islanders recognised in NQ Arts Awards
jan phillips
April 14th 2013
congratulations Marilyn !!!!! you so deserve this ..we are all so proud of you and the Jazz Festival..would love to see more islanders come and enjoy this years festival...and MIFCO applaud you for your tireless work since the beginning with caring for our wildlife <3 are a wonderful person..hugs
April 14th 2013
Well done and well deserved!
marie de monchaux
April 15th 2013
A well deserved recognition of all your efforts to keep the Festival alive on the island. Congratulations Marilyn!
April 15th 2013
Congratulations Marilyn, Your face on Friday was a picture as you walked to the stage, utter disbelief, followed by walking on air! Congratulations to Matt and Fairlie too, the projects you have worked on with disabled people are truly inspiring. I hope we can get the short film to the Island sometime.
Alan Patterson
April 15th 2013
Congratulations Marilyn! Really well deserved.
April 17th 2013
Thank you all for your encouraging comments, your
input is greatly appreciated

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