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March 14th 2013
MI RSL looking up but positions need filling

Pat Trewin at a recent RSL stall After a tough financial struggle last year it is indeed a relief to learn that the Magnetic Island RSL Sub-Branch, after some careful financial guidance by the board, is in better shape and, as President Pat Trewin says, "is poised for a positive future". The good news comes before one other major hurdle for the club: to elect a new committee at the AGM this Sunday, but with no present nominations for the positions of President nor Secretary.

With a sound base of over 150 financial members who support and patronise the RSL, and a new draft Development Plan to guide the Sub-Branch over the next few years, the outlook is indeed favourable.

The Memorial Hall is open three nights a week for social events – Bingo on Thursdays, markets and meals on Fridays and Sunday Roast on Sundays, and the bar is open also on those nights. Events such as these, enjoyed by the Magnetic Island Community and visitors alike, also provide vital funding for the RSL to do its work on the Island.

Plans for the ANZAC Day commemoration on 25th April are well underway, and the Thuringowa Pipe Band will be performing for the event, which should make it quite special.

The Magnetic Island RSL Sub-Branch is a registered not-for-profit charity whose goals are to provide welfare services to veterans and their families in the Magnetic Island community, to commemorate military service for Australia, and to encourage loyalty, patriotism and service to Australia.

The AGM is coming up on Sunday 17th March at 10am at the Memorial Hall, and they are still looking for two key personnel to join them for 2013. There are six positions on the Board and nominations have been received for four of these – however there have been no written nominations for the vital positions of President and Secretary.

For the RSL to remain a vital part of the Island community, it is essential that these two positions are filled at the AGM. It is true that both roles can be quite demanding in time and organisation – they are part-time roles but, as anyone knows, to do the job properly, you need to make a commitment of time and energy. But there are great rewards to be gained in seeing the Sub-Branch flourish, a proud tradition to be followed, a fine team behind you willing to do the hard yards, and as much assistance and guidance as you may need to undertake the role.

There are no restrictions on who is eligible to be nominated, though it is always preferable if the President is an ex-Serviceperson who understands the ethos of the veterans he (or she) deals with on a regular basis.

If you are willing to consider standing for one of these important positions in the Island’s Sub-Branch, please contact Pat Trewin on 4778 5120 – and of course be sure to attend the AGM on Sunday week, with all the other Magnetic Island RSL members.

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It's 14 years since I last visited Maggy. I am shocked by Nelly Bay and saddened. It is insensitive, ugly and juxtaposed to the essence of Maggy. I embrace progress in general, but this is poorly conceived and executed. Shame.
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