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January 17th 2013
Magnetic Island turtles get a second chance

The Clinic's first patient Following is an article from the Magnetic Island Network for Turtles (MINT), a Magnetic Island community group who are performing remarkable work. They have built a "Turtle Clinic" to rehabilitate local sick and injured sea turtles. So now, when a sick turtle washes up on our Island shores, there is somewhere it can go.

Thanks to the tireless work of many community volunteers, contributions by local businesses and support from the Sea Turtle Foundation and Local Marine Advisory Committee, we now have a small turtle clinic operational in Horseshoe Bay.

Townsville City Council have been extremely supportive allowing MINT to use the fenced compound and small building at the old sewage treatment plant site. The turtle clinic is a low key turtle rehabilitation facility, not opened to the public, but run by community volunteers and our local Vet Dr Alison Bee.

Magnetic Island's Turtle Clinic

This Sunday 20th January, there will be a community working bee and open day at the turtle clinic. People can come along and help us to improve the facility including a cleaning up, making garden beds, planting some trees, pulling weeds and other odd jobs. And if people just want to come for a look they are welcome too. Find the site by going to the eastern end of Henry Lawson Street, go through the open gate, 8am to noon.

If anyone is able to donate a metal shelf to the clinic it would be greatly appreciated.

Unfortunately our first patient, a female adult Green Turtle, did not make it. This is the reality of turtle rehabilitation as not all turtles survive. Not all was lost, with an autopsy being conducted, finding that several kilos of gravel has been ingested. This knowledge contributes greatly to research about turtle rehabilitation and health. MINT works closely with Reef HQ Turtle Hospital and JCU Vet School and is involved with wider networks.

MINT is about our community taking action for sea turtle conservation through rehabilitation, awareness and education. If anyone is interested in being involved and receiving updates please email MINT at

Magnetic Island Network for Turtles.

Magnetic Island turtles get a second chance
Wendy Tubman
January 19th 2013
Well done to all involved. A great initiative and an inspiring example of people seeing a need for something and getting on and doing it! I am sure it will be a great success.
January 19th 2013
Wishing this initiative all success!
January 19th 2013
Fantastic job guys. Congrats to Ali and all the volunteers.
February 3rd 2013
A BIG Thankyou to everyone who turned out to help us at this working bee. It was such a productive morning, we really got so much achieved, it was a really big effort on everyone's part - especially in the heat and humidity! The Turtle Clinic is really coming along, and we now surrounded in gardens, that will one day grow and help cool the site. Our community should be very proud of what we have created.
Sue Nolan
July 8th 2013
Will be moving over there this Friday, can you let me know if I can help, would love to get involved , thankyou

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