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October 17th 2012
The walkway - a taxi driver's opinion

I am a taxi driver on Magnetic Island. This morning I woke with the euphoria of an impending and sublime achievement ringing in my head. But it wasn't mine, but that of a worker from the Geoffrey Bay / Nelly bay pedestrian overpass who was ecstatic in the greatness of what was about to be accomplished, the laying of the basic structure of said walkway from October 16-25 from the hours of 11.30pm-5.30am.

Lets get this straight, I am happy to hear about a person's personal involvement and enthusiasm in a project, but the ecstasy produced in the back seat of my cab last night may have well come from a synthesised source procured in tablet form (maybe it was). The level of greatness attached to this project may have well been associated with the Brunelleschi Dome (look it up) construction.

This is not the great pyramid of Giza, this is an elevated footpath, a basic necessity whose function is to safely provide access for pedestrians to get from point A to B without falling off a cliff. If completed successfully, a pedestrian should be able to complete the journey with no excitement or even memory attached to it at all. Photos may be taken FROM the construction, not OF it. Oh, and it should have been done a long time ago.

I had the dubious pleasure of ferrying the Mayor to the site. “What a wonderful thing this is for the island,” she mused. “Well”, I replied, “ I think this is basic infrastructure that should have been done a long time ago.”

5 million dollars, that is a great amount. But it pales in comparison to the overall ego of those associated with the project, and the great indifference and lack of consideration which has been projected on to the general public.

Me and my taxi driving colleagues will lose income from these future and previously UN-notifed road closures. Income needed to provide for ourselves and our families.

Jim Gaynor

The walkway - a taxi driver's opinion
Ex Cabbie
October 31st 2012
Mr Cab Driver, You along with half the Island will have to suffer in one way or the other, I have a friend that has been waiting to visit a specialist, for nearly 12 months, she was late for the Ferry and has to wait a further 6 Months for the next appointment. The night time cab driving is very quiet anyway, and I know from experience you can go from midnight to 5am without a fare sometimes, but you will make it up on your X base nights, and I also know what you can earn then, plus your tips and dont forget Xmas is coming up, more tips. I have run a cab of my own on the Island,and driven for quite a few years for other cab owners too. Just sit back and enjoy your nights off, and what about the people that have to go "Mountain climbing" because of footpath closure. Ex Cabbie.

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