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August 19th 2012
Our new feathered fan

Looks like our spray against the misinformation peddled by the Townsville Bulletin in their non-story about an apparent Julian Assange Statue has found Magnetic Times a new fan. And he comes with feathers and a sharp beak.

Yes folks the former Bully columnist who one looked to to find out what was going on behind the scenes among Townsville’s movers and shakers, some clever word play and an out-of-left field tit bit, non other than The Magpie, has discovered Magnetic Times.

It’s always spring time for The Magpie who stays locked in the swooping season all year round when it comes to our local, state and federal pollies or his favourite theme of all, the shortcomings and, sometimes, goings at the Daily Astonisher, aka The Townsville Bulletin.

Following our very peeved reaction (click here) to the Astonisher’s treatment of a picnic to support Julian Assange last weekend (click here) the sharp-eyed bird was quick to swoop with delight - bringing on a rare blush to the cheeks of your editor (click here)

And while we discovered first hand how manipulative and self-serving the Murdoch tabloid has become, there is good sport to be had reading their online edition (gave up the printed version years ago) just for the bloopers. With the help of The Magpie, who thrives on it, we recommend his column for sheer entertainment value.

Our new feathered fan
Louise Byron
August 20th 2012
Just as an aside to the Assange debacle; I have yesterday posted (via air mail) to Mr Assange (c/- Embassy of Ecuador) a copy of the Magnetic Island Community News, with the said article on a statue to his good self. I do wonder though, if the customs in the UK would open it just in case there is a metal file included, allowing 'our Julian' to make an escape. I just hope the UK police do not storm the embassy before my letter arrives for Mr A.
August 21st 2012
Magnetic Community News - now there's a journal of record! NOT. But hang on, they've never done a story about Julian Assange. You must be confused Louise. If you bought a copy of a local newspaper at the corner store it did not mention Our Julian inside. MagneticTimes is only an electronic newspaper. Whatever did you mail to London?
Ture Sjolander
August 22nd 2012
My Swedish pension now goes to Assange Defence fund.
If Sweden stop it I'll renounce my citizenship.

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