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July 31st 2012
TEL and Sealink to promote NQ overseas

Townsville Enterprise is entering into a cooperative international marketing campaign with SeaLink Queensland to boost the region’s profile in various overseas markets.

Townsville Enterprise CEO David Kippin said strategic partnerships that unite industry and tourism stakeholders are key to strengthening local trade and the most effective way to maximise international market reach.

“Sealink has significant representation in New Zealand, Europe, United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Japan, China and Korea. This partnership will ensure the Townsville North Queensland Region has the opportunity to leverage off these links to open up opportunities for increased international exposure and trade,” David said.

“SeaLink is a highly credible tourism operator with a vested interest in building the Region’s reputation as a preferred tourism destination. SeaLink’s success in developing Kangaroo Island into one of Australia’s most recognised icons is evidence of this.”

SeaLink Queensland General Manager, Paul Victory, said the partnership will include the formation of an international marketing group and the development of a trade manual which will be used to complement SeaLink's current international brochure.

“The group will be facilitated by Townsville Enterprise and SeaLink and will comprise commercial operators from the region who are international-ready.

"An industry event will be held this Friday on Magnetic Island with SeaLink’s International Marketing General Managers to inform operators of this new initiative as well as provide information on some of our key overseas markets.

"Collaboration and partnerships are integral to developing a strong tourism industry and both Townsville Enterprise and SeaLink share a great passion and drive for progressing our local economy. We will work with local operators to develop opportunities and, in turn, strengthen the growth of our Region,” said Mr Victory.

The international marketing industry evening will be held on Friday 3 August from 5pm to 7pm at the Picnic Bay Hotel.

TEL and Sealink to promote NQ overseas
July 31st 2012
Well this is nothing new, both TEL & Sunferries (now Sealink) used to be well promoted in International markets. So basically they are all going back to their grass roots.
July 31st 2012
If Sealink lowered their ferry fares that would pretty well solve the's not rocket science. Why waste all that money on promotion, put that money into subsidizing the fares.
August 1st 2012
Suzy, since you know about rocket science why not specify which fares you would like to see reduced and by how much. Should regular daily commuters benefit from (say) a 10% cut on their already discounted fares or should children and pensioners, who only use the ferry occasionally, come first? Or should daytrippers, who pay the highest rate and effectively subsidise local's 'Flexi' tickets, be given the cheap tickets first? Do you really think that an across-the-board price drop of 10-20% would lead to an increase of 10-20% in patronage? If so, how come you aren't running the show?

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