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June 9th 2012
Musos Club tonight at Arcadia Pub

For anybody who loves a bit of fun and some real local music, and hasn't disappeared to Palm Creek this weekend, remember that Magnetic Island Musos Club is on again at the Arcadia Pub.

After a long break, your editor will be onstage again, warbling songs old and new with the extraordinary Niels Koelman, once again on harmonica. There are also rumours that one Timmy (The Rock's rock icon) Johansson may grace the stage along. Less rumoured and more certain will be the totally original Sweet Thing.

The RayMarks return with their Caribbean delights and there could also be a very special appearance from the man who defies age better than anyone in coo-eee, blowing old time metal. Well, his instrument is metal, that is, harmonica legend and living Island treasure, 95 year old, Colin Fulford. Now that's what we call a diverse and all inclusive line-up.

And, if you have a song that you'd like to let out in front of a friendly audience then here's a big chance for you with an open mic option - Just speak to Mark at the mixing desk.

Musos Club is free and under 18s are welcome.

You can find it at the pool side room of the Arcadia Pub tonight form 7.30pm onwards.

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Readers comments
Tonia In reply to The ongoing price of Nelly Bay Harbour
It's 14 years since I last visited Maggy. I am shocked by Nelly Bay and saddened. It is insensitive, ugly and juxtaposed to the essence of Maggy. I embrace progress in general, but this is poorly conceived and executed. Shame.
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