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November 11th 2011
If you ever wanted to make a difference...

Julian as a boy at Picnic Bay on Magnetic Island With the visit of US President Barack Obama to Australia just a week away, one former Magnetic Island resident will picket the visit in a desperate attempt to seek the attention of Mr Obama over the future of her son. She is Christine Assange and her son, WikiLeaks, whistle-blowing website, founder, Julian Assange, is now in great danger of being extradited to the United States via Sweden. Christine recently wrote on a placard in front of PM Julia Gillard’s office in Melbourne, “Save Julian Assange from torture in prison, no extradition,” and she is looking for the support of readers to call on the Australian government to defend her son’s rights.

Christine is hoping fellow Australians, concerned over the threats to her son and the Australian government’s abandonment of their citizen so as not to upset the Americans, will, support her to shift the observance of the Obama visit to a focus of the plight of Julian Assange.

It is almost impossible to appreciate the importance of the work of Julian Assange and WikiLeaks. After WikiLeaks - which is also now struggling to survive financially - released hundreds of thousands of secret US diplomatic cables, Amnesty International drew a direct link to that information’s revelations as triggering the birth of the Arab Spring - leading in spirit and through online activism to the present Occupy (Wall Street) movement growing daily worldwide. And this is but one of many outcomes.

But while Julian Assange has been awarded the Sydney Peace Medal - in the company of Nelson Mandela and the Dalai Lama - “for exceptional courage in pursuit of human rights,” and described by historian, Prof Robert Manne as, “undoubtedly the most consequential Australian of the present time,” our own Australian government and Foreign Minister, Kevin Rudd, in particular, have rightly been accused of spinelessness.

The Age reported (CLICK HERE) that a letter from Assange’s lawyer seeking assurances from Mr Rudd that he would lobby the US not to extradite Assange” back on September 22, had still not been replied to by October 25, when the Age asked what was happening.

The Age also noted Christine Assange’s comment that, “His freedom is being trampled on continually over this court case and Australia is totally complicit” and, “A US grand jury has been examining evidence and subpoenaing witnesses this year, with the possible aim of charging Assange under the century-old Espionage Act, which can carry the death penalty.”

The Sydney Morning Herald, yesterday quoted Christine Assange saying, “Both political parties have been spineless in standing up to the US over this.” (CLICK HERE)

Magnetic Times believes that Julian Assange deserves better from our leaders who have treated the Magnetic Island boy - who grew up to become a technologically brilliant and effective David in a world of the most powerful military Goliaths - as a criminal; abandoning him to the sinister interests who would seek his imprisonment and, likely, worse.

We call on readers who ever wanted to “make a difference”, not just on behalf of our much maligned former resident, but for the continued work of WikiLeaks, which has been so effective in changing our modern world, to do something now!

Christine Assange has asked us to help show how to support Julian and WikiLeaks and has provided the following options.

Through Fundrazr on Facebook you can use PayPal and credit card to donate to WikiLeaks and Julian Assange Defence Fund. If you don't have a PayPal account you can donate directly using your credit or debit card by clicking on the 'Give' button below and choose 'buy as guest' option: (

By Posting Cash and Cheques:
Cash and cheques made out to 'DR&Co - Julian Assange Defence Fund' can be sent to:
Derek Rothera & Company
Chartered Accountants
Units 15 & 16
7 Wenlock Road
London N1 7SL

You can help spread the word by purchasing WikiLeaks-branded T-Shirts, hoodies and other gifts at the only shop that sells official WikiLeaks merchandise.

Also if, for some reason, you cannot send money using the regular donation system this is a way to support WikiLeaks.


The best way to use Spreadshirt to donate to WikiLeaks is to buy an 'I Support WikiLeaks' sticker for 75 Euro (available to Australian's through the U.S. option). Most of the sale price will be given to WikiLeaks: (CLICK HERE)

Readers wishing to contact the Australian Government can send emails to:

The Prime Minister, The Hon Julia Gillard, MP, (CLICK HERE)

The Foreign Minister, The Hon Kevin Rudd MP, here:

For background information about Julian Assange and the work of Wikileaks, Christine Assange suggests the following websites:

1. (CLICK HERE) - includes Christine’s hand written letter to Kevin Rudd)

2. (CLICK HERE) Meeting March 2 /2011 Parliament House- legal and diplomatic briefings to MPs re Julian Assange extraditon)

3. (CLICK HERE) Sweden vs Assange

4. (CLICK HERE) WikiLeaks.

Photo at top: Julian Assange as a boy at Picnic Bay on Magnetic Island. Reproduced with the permission of Christine Assange

Editorial: George Hirst

If you ever wanted to make a difference...
Delphine Geia
January 12th 2012
Julian is certainly at risk in a way that is very concerning. I have been praying for his protection and will continue to make that a matter of high priority.
Jina One
January 19th 2012
Bring him back as well as turn the marina sundial into a monument to his freedom.
February 13th 2012
Where are the 17,200 people on Maggie who voted in the Julian statue poll or is one side of the island sinking!!!!!!!!!?? RED DOG

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