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August 23rd 2011
Letter: Cr Roberts updates on Apjohn St drainage

Cr Trevor Roberts Drainage in the lower end of Apjohn St has been a hot topic over the recent heavy wet seasons and has been a focal point of the drainage issues in Horseshoe Bay. While it may seem that the current council is either not interested or not doing anything about the matter that is far from the truth but it is important to ensure that ther residents in the area are aware of what steps can be taken to fix the problem over time.

Over recent decades development has been alllowed to take place in Horseshoe Bay but very little if any thought has been given to drainage and the flow of water through the bay. The lower end of Apjohn St is the only way in and out for people who live in that area and the flooding during the heavy wet seasons we've had have cause condiserable inconvenience. Once again, as with similar issues in Nelly Bay, with the help of the MIRRA group I have been able to begin discussions with a subcommittee made up of residents who are directly affected.

Our Infrastructure staff have been hard at work on this problem and there are a number of possible solutions. With the aid of one of our engineers, who has worked on island issues with me before, we were able to take the group through the overall issues. Lower Apjohn St is at the bottom of the hill so to speak and we must look at where the water is coming from as a whole and how best to deal with it. There has already been some minor works done by our crews on the island along the southern side of Apjohn St approaching the cannel and while this will help much more is needed.

The Apjohn St working group were able to bounce around ideas and ask questions of both our engineer and myself and the end result for all was an even better understanding of the challenges we face. All agree that we need to build a new culvert under Horseshoe Bay Road and an open drain down the southern side of lower Appjohn St. The size of that drain will be determined by further investigation into other possible works in the sports ground area that will help with the flow of water off the grounds into upper Apjohn St.

Our Infrastucture Staff will continue to do the work up and costings on this project that all agreed must be done in stages if I am to get funding. This year's budget is set and there is absolutely no padding. I have given the working group my commitment that I will do whatever I can to secure support for the project going into the next budget. I will also look to provide other assistance requested by the group for this coming wet season should the rainfall match recent years. Assistance such as proving sand bags and barriers during peak rainfall.

I think it is fair to say the MIRRA subcommitte was very happy with the meeting and we will continue to meet as we look to solve these problems.

Cr Trevor Roberts
Townsville City Council

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