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August 18th 2011
Letter: Latest arctic monitoring report conclusions are stark

Surface meltwater disappears down a moulin. Ilulissat region, West Greenland  The Arctic Monitoring & Assessment Program (AMAP) have Just released their latest summary of Climate Disruption in the Arctic cryosphere. It's titled, "Snow, Water, Ice, and Permafrost in the Arctic 2011. (SWIPA 2011 Report)"

A website with links to full report and video summaries is here:

The conclusions of this report are stark.

*Simultaneous evidence of rapid climate change accelerated by warming feedback loops in all major systems studied (permafrost, sea ice, glacial ice, vegetation, ocean, atmosphere).

*Melt rates of the Ice Cap and Greenland in excess of IPCC 2007 predictions.

*Temperature change by year 2100 now estimated 5-7 degrees Celsius.

*Sea Level rise now estimated 90cm - 1.2m by 2100.

*Warmest conditions in the Arctic for last 2,000 years. On current trends, likely to be warmest conditions since deglaciation 10,000 years ago within a few decades.

*High probability of rapid, non-linear climate changes in future, especially if permafrost methane continues to be released at current rate.

Dr Andy Lewis
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Photo courtesy: Konrad Steffen/CIRES, University of Colorado

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It's 14 years since I last visited Maggy. I am shocked by Nelly Bay and saddened. It is insensitive, ugly and juxtaposed to the essence of Maggy. I embrace progress in general, but this is poorly conceived and executed. Shame.
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