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March 26th 2011
Base takes new measures to stop Full Moon Party vandalism

Base backpackers General Manager Aimee Jones When Magnetic Times published criticism by Tourism Operators and Businesses Magnetic Island (TOBMI) President, Lindsay Simpson, over base Backpackers Full Moon Party held last Friday night, we unleashed a storm of controversy. But yesterday it looked like reasonable progress has been made as Base Magnetic's General Manager, Aimee Jones, put up a number of new measures to combat the drug/alcohol-fuelled vandalism which plagues the event between the party site and Nelly Bay Harbour terminal.

Aimee Jones wrote to Magnetic Times, "Since this story first came to light we have done the following:

"Organised two security guards each full moon to patrol the Marina and Ferry terminals. Paid for by the event.

"Ensure that every full moon a staff member walks from the terminal to base on both road and beach picking up rubbish dropped by patrons. Paid for by the event

"Ensure that every full moon a staff member picks up all rubbish left behind at the ferry terminal. Paid for by the event.

"Hire of a extra bus dedicated to a direct service between the Ferry terminal and Base in Nelly bay. It will run during the whole event.

"And this is just the start," said Ms Jones who told Magnetic Times she will be meeting with the TOBMI committee on Monday.

"We would like to work with the community and listen to suggestions and complaints rather than work against you," said Ms Jones.

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Base takes new measures to stop Full Moon Party vandalism
Barbara Gibbs
March 25th 2011
Well done Aimee. It is a hard task to monitor patrons at the best of times, let alone once they leave the premises. It is obvious X-BASE have gone to great lengths to ensure the safety of not only the marina and patrons, but also to maintain a clean environment and this must be applauded. I don't see any other hotel on the island going around cleaning up after patrons who dump copious amounts of cigarette butts on beaches and leave things lying around. X-BASE have done a lot for the recognition of Magnetic Island, and my recent trip to Perth proved that. I stayed at a backpackers and people were raving about the island who stayed at X-BASE and others really wanted to come just to be at the full moon party. Regardless of the fact that profits from the venue go abroad, the patrons DO spend a lot of money in many businesses on the island, and it is not only X_BASE that accommodates the patrons,many places on the island profit from them. i fully understand Lindsay being upset, but her own children actually attend X-BASE It provides a valuable release for teenagers and younger adults on the island. Let us all be adult and less negative towards the only available venue for these and appreciate the added visitors in a time when there are very few able to afford the higher level of accommodation.
March 25th 2011
Good moves Aimee, maybe Sunferries could run an extra ferry once a month to get the party goers off the Island before they feel the need to take boats from the Marina to get home.
Grant Lewis
March 27th 2011
Thanks Aimee,
Im the owner of Providence and the tender that was stolen from Nelly Bay Marina. We found the tender ourselves at Kissing Point Townsville as the Police where exhausted from a long night at your venue. The replacement value for this tender is approx $9000 with an insurance excess of $2000 so as you can see it is distressing to have this happen to ones poersonal property which we use to make a living.The tender was less a full tank of fuel, full of empty cans of beer, half full of water and sustained approximatly $500 damage which we will have to cover.This is the fourth time our property has been interfered with on Full Moon nights. Costing us dollars each time. By the way our passengers that morning where not that impressed when we couldnt sail, just another $500 loss to us. Hey everyone its okay when its not your money or property.Barbara our children are now adults and make their own choices, we do not monitor their whereabouts as you obviously do??
Aimee it is great that you are the first manager at X-Base to take this issue in hand and make constructive sugestions. Lets see if they happen.
Alan Patterson
March 28th 2011
Dear Editor
I think most businesses on the Island have been the victims of crime. Sporadic acts from people under the influence of alcohol or drugs are still crimes, even if there is a "claimed" diminished responsibility. At the end of the day, vandalism & theft are all crimes committed by people who probably wouldn't otherwise do these acts had they not been under the influence of a substance. People need to take personal responsibility. I asked the Police seargent "what is it we can do as a community to help the local Police?" . His reply was simply ban the excessive use of alcohol.
I think we must applaud the response of manager Aimee Jones to help resolve the concerns of residents towards the "Full Moon: event at X-Base. However, she can not be held responsible for the irresponsible actions of a few. I sympathise with Grant, it must really be disheartening to discover he has been the victim of another drunken act of theft & wilful damage. 3 times in 9 months we were broken into at the Pharmacy, deliberate calculated acts. Each time I was woken at 6am with the news, attended & started the clean up process. Each time a small excess of $250 for the incident & the time & inconvenience of insurance claims was the biggest cost. In the end we installed a security grill costing close to $10K. Unfortunately crime does pay. It keeps the economy going. Problem is the people working & paying taxes are hit again. Xbase full moon party puts Magnetic Island on the international map. The cost benefits can be argued but the buzz factor from travellers is priceless. I think you would find most incidents are caused by local Island Townsville residents just going too far. The international traveller (backpacker) stays longer & spends more on their Australian journey. We need to work together to help tap into this potential market for now & there return journey in the future. I say ban all Townsville visitors to the full moon party. No accommodation no Full Moon ticket. Sell it as a package or no entry. The ones straggling back to the boat at 4amish are the hands that make mischief.
March 29th 2011
We do not need Full Moon parties. Let's all cut to the chase, it is to your benefit (and your pocket) to get as many people on to the Island, regardless of the types you are attracting. What benefit is a Full Moon party to the residents? Why do the residents of Magnetic Island need to attract people from Townsville for drunken/drug parties. Why not keep them in Townsville? Oh, I forgot - it is the dollar(s)! No matter how many security guards are employed whether it be for 2 or 202 will not prevent people who are intent, and whose reason for coming to the Full Moon party, is to cause fighrs, or damage to people's property. I think it is time the local businesses upped their standard and tried to attract people 'across the board' who will not only enjoy but respect the natural attractions of Magnetic Island. For too long Magnetic Island businesses are happy to lower the bar rather than raise it just to get a dollar, to the detriment of the Island. With respect, all your suggestions Aimee to make it better, are not only self-interested but a pathetic attempt to justify something that is untenable. We do not want or need Full Moon parties on the Island.
Peter Safe
March 31st 2011
The licensee/responsible manager needs to remember that under the Liquor Act 1992 there are various penalties for irresponsible service of alcohol. Some of these penalties are outlined below.

Unduly intoxicated patrons
• sell liquor to an intoxicated patron
• give liquor to an intoxicated patron
• allow liquor to be given to the patron
• allow the patron to consume liquor.
Licensee or manager—$50 000
Bar attendant or individual—$8000

All licensees must ensure that noise coming from their establishment does not exceed the noise limit that is a condition of their license. This includes noise from:

* entertainment
* patrons at, entering or leaving the premises
* motors, including generators and air conditioning units.
If a licensee does not comply with an order, the order can be enforced through either:

* prosecution, which carries a maximum fine of $2500
* disciplinary action, which can have results ranging from fines to cancellation of the license.

Licensees have a legal obligation to provide a safe environment for patrons and staff. This applies not only to your premises but also to the surrounding neighbourhood.

I do agree with Alan Patterson when he says "No accommodation no Full Moon ticket. Sell it as a package or no entry". If the locals or visitors from Townsville want to attend the full moon party they can find accommodation at Base.

Personally I believe that the guests residing at Base are not the ones wandering around the island creating the damage.

April 4th 2011
Well batten down the hatches as the next FM party poster is out advertising Ruby Rose as guest DJ for 15 April. Will be interesting to see how some of the partygoers "behave" this month. Seriously, how can 2 security personnel control a group of feral drunks, unless they have been issued with riot hoses. I just wish that those attendees who are staying on the island with nanna/relos/friends or at their own parents holiday home would NOT have noisey heart starters at the bus stops and leave their empties behind on the footpath/road. Not very fond of going for a walk and having to look out for broken glass all over the place. As someone else has said, no accommo no party ticket or charge non bona fide travellers/tourists staying on the island/residents MORE for their ticket.
Les Autres
September 21st 2011
As a visitor from Europe I am amazed that everyone wants to "blame" the Base.
There are perfectly adequate laws regarding alcohol which are much further reaching than in most other countries. It seems that although the residents ( and visitors in the main) pay their taxes they are not afforded the protection which should be provided by the police.
With regard to theft of a boat.......surely any mug would take adequate precautions and would also have business interuption insurance....particularly if it is a required necessity for business.....I am surprised the insurance company paid out at all.
I am also surprised that the pharmacy is legally allowed NOT to have adequate security. You will be telling us next to stick the key back through the letterbox when we leave. I dont suppose you will be claiming tax relief on the $10k cost of the grill either??
It will be interesting to have a comment from the ferry companies re the viability of ferries without the visitors to base..........there might be some big numbers all you wingers just might have to put your money where your mouth is.
COME ON GUYS you live on a TOURIST arent castaways..If you really dont like Townsville visitors or other people then take a referendum .........and shut the ferry...
You have a wonderful island STOP WHINGING!!!!!!

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