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November 8th 2002
Sex & Drugs: No I'd Never Do That!

Schoolies 2002 Sexual Awareness: A female clinical nurse & a male health worker from Townsville Sexual Health Services will be available on Magnetic Island throughout schoolies week. Contact can be made with these workers through the Break Zone tent in Arcadia, the Sports & Rec Club in Horseshoe Bay where movies will be shown or by asking any of the SIC's or schoolies volunteers.

Services offered are:
FREE condoms & lube is available. And arrangements can be made for emergency contraception (morning after pill) for any slip ups.

Our staff can talk to you about contraception, Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) & any sex related issues. Appointments can be arranged at your local sexual health clinic wherever you live.

Sexually transmitted infection testing will be available if you've never been tested & need it, change partners or have a new partner. Treatment can be given immediately if needed & arrangements made for collection of results. Confidentiality will be guaranteed.
So now that schools out, party hard but party safe!

Legal drugs

Alcohol is a drug. It alters the way a person behaves. Remember - it takes one hour for your body to get rid of one standard drink.

Here are some tips to help you avoid drinking harmfully (and also to help you avoid vomiting everywhere and/or blacking out):

Start with a non-alcoholic drink, drink slowly, eat before or while you are drinking, finish your drink before starting another, as you finish each drink, drink the equivalent amount of water, buy your own drinks, stop drinking when you've had enough, know what you are drinking.

Underage Drinking
OVER 18, but all your mates UNDER AGE?

Supplying alcohol to minors - what happens if you get caught?
If you are under 18 - STOP and think. You can be fined $1875.00 for being on a licensed premises, being in possession of or consuming alcohol on a licensed premises, using false ID. If you are over 18 - STOP and think before allowing someone else to use your ID. You can be fined up to $3000.

Party Smart:
Before you go out, have a plan for getting home.

Make sure you have a mate with you or someone who knows where you are (check-in with friends)

If you can't walk or bus it and you have a car, at the beginning of the evening, negotiate a designated driver and support them in their decision not to drink.

During the week, take turns to be the designated driver.

Know where you are staying and how to get there.

Tell someone where you are going

Always keep enough money for a phone call, taxi or some other form of public transport

Don't accept lifts from someone you don't know or stay at a stranger's place.

Don't get in a car with a driver who has been drinking or using other drugs

Don't walk home at night

Don't swim at night and don't swim at all if you are intoxicated or using drugs.


Sometimes things that don't seem to be a big deal can have serious consequences that last a long time. Possession/supply/use of illegal drugs are all serious offences. If you are caught, you may be fingerprinted and photographed. People who are convicted of a criminal offence can have difficulty in getting a job and even be prevented from obtaining a visa to travel overseas.

All of the following drugs are illegal. This means you do not know what you are getting. Think carefully before you experiment with illegal substances. You want to remember your Schoolies Week for all the right reasons...

Marijuana is a depressant which means it slows down your central nervous system. If marijuana is combined with alcohol, the responses of the user are really slow and they have especially poor judgement of distances.

Speed is a stimulant which means it speeds up your central nervous system. You may become aggressive. Even though your body is fatigued, you may be awake for a long time. You may also make choices you would not normally make. This might lead to injury or at least to some things which you may regret later.
Speed comes in a number of forms and a variety of colours. Dealers sometimes use appealing names to increase sales or to "pass off" the same drug as a new product.

Ecstasy is a stimulant that heightens feelings of closeness and intimacy. Tablets are usually made in backyard laboratories and under non-hygienic conditions. As with other illegal drugs, there are no "quality controls" so you can never be sure what you are taking.
The feelings of closeness, confidence and lack of inhibitions can contribute to users participating in sexual activity which they later regret. Severe reactions to ecstasy can occur and there have been a number of ecstasy-related deaths in Australia.

Sex & Drugs: No I
September 4th 2006

Sent you an email before, but just wanted to let you know I changed my mind. I think youse are grouse. Thanks for all your help, you really helped me through some nasty time in my life. Hope you don't run out of free condoms and lube at Schoolies! Catchya later man,
May 20th 2007
I am in year 12 and the stories about last years schoolies was scary. A lot of my friends said it was and experience to forgett, as every one was off their face and they left after 2 days because it was unsafe.
November 3rd 2007
what do u think ur doing???
free condoms?? loser

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