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January 26th 2011
Vale Luther "Lou" Ingham 1914 - 2011

Luther 'Lou' Ingham Aged 96, Luther "Lou" Ingham, former owner of the Nelly Bay Store, musician and an one of the founders of the Magnetic Island Country Club (golf course) passed away on January 9. His daughter, Ruth Rogerson, (formerlly of Magnetic Island Transport) contacted Magnetic Times with an obituary in honour of Lou which we are pleased to share with our readers.

Luther Ingham also know as Lou 1914-2011

Luther Ingham was a much loved father, granddad, great granddad and uncle who was born in 1914 in the small township of Colne in Lancashire nearly 97 years ago to Albert and Harriet Ingham. Luther found a love of golf at the early age of 10 and was often found caddying and playing golf on the local course, in between his piano practice. Luther played off a 4 handicap at a very young age, golf and music dominated his life.

Luther became the pianist with Roy Fox and His Band, a well known group at the time, playing all over England in the late 30ís. When the war broke out he enlisted in the R.A.F and was posted to Canada for training and his skill on the keyboard was put to good use. There he met his first wife Eleanor and had his first child Rena Luella. Through the ravages of war they were separated and Luther was reunited with Rena when he was 93. He was so happy to finally see her again and meet his new son in law Carroll. They have been able to visit Luther twice in the last few years which gave him many happy memories.

After the war ended Luther was posted to the R.A.F. base at Singapore and while there he became involved in the construction of a golf course at Changi. A member of the Royal Singapore Golf Club, dad was still playing off single figures.

The 1950ís saw Luther meet Christina and the Australian adventure began. They journeyed to the centre of Australia where He worked as a Welfare Officer and Christina was a Nursing Sister. For the first two years of their marriage they lived at Phillip Creek in a tin shed with dirt floors when Noelien was a baby. They then moved to Warrabrie now known as Ali Curang and they enjoyed the privilege of living in a high set house when Ruth was born. They were there until 1963 and then moved to Peko Mines at Tennant Creek which saw Luther once again involved in the construction of a local 9 hole golf course with bull dust greens as well as providing much needed entertainment for the small local population.

In 1964 they then journeyed to Magnetic Island where they owned the Nelly Bay Store which provided for the people of the island. Luther played regularly at the Arcadia Hotel and to satisfy his golfing bug he became instrumental in forming the first golf club on the island.

The next journey was to Gladstone where he purchased a taxi business which was very successful. For his retirement he moved to the Sunshine Coast and became a foundation member of the Mt Coolum Golf Club. He was patron for many years until his move back to Magnetic Island and his love of the golf club resumed. He ensured he never missed a session at the club every afternoon at four oíclock. His son in law Glen and daughter Ruth Rogerson owned Magnetic Island Transport at the time.

At the grand age of 92 Dad made the epic journey flying to Darwin with the help of his daughters. Here he spent a few years with Glen and Ruth until going to Tiwi Gardens Nursing Home where he was cared for lovingly.

So dadís journey ended at the ripe old age of 96. His family now sees him being welcomed by his mother, father and sister and all his golfing buddies who have gone before him. Iím sure in Louís heaven the time will always be 4 oíclock and he will be raising a toast to life and his family. All his friends and family celebrate Lutherís life and will remember him always.

Ruth added to her obituary, "Dad died on the 9th of January 2011. The family held a private celebration of his life at the Darwin Funeral Service Chapel where we fare welled him with tears as we will miss him dearly but mostly with laughter at the joy of some of our memories we shared with him. Dadís enjoyment of life with the simple things are what we hope to carry on with us. He particularly loved the birdlife on Magnetic Island and would sit for hours watching as they went about their business."

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