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November 11th 2002
Schoolies' Survival Guide for Maggie

Island 2001 Schoolies Magnetic Island is one of Australia's most beautiful places. Unlike the rest of Townsville it is located in the World Heritage Area and is therefore very special. To help you survive Schoolies Week on Maggie, MT has put together this MI Survival Guide with as much info as we could find to help you make the most of your holiday but also to help Maggie survive the experience too! In this special schoolies section of MT you can read about a whole bunch of Magnetic stuff to bring you up to speed. But first, some specific info for schoolies

All activities associated with our Schoolies Week program are for genuine schoolies only, that is 2002 Year 12 school leavers. This is your celebration. No one else, older or younger will be able to participate in the special schoolies' events. It's for YOU!


Identification and registration of schoolies will take place at the end of the Jetty on Magnetic Island and at the BREAK ZONE Tent at Alma Bay, Arcadia. To prove that you are a genuine 2002 schoolie, you will need some form of identification ( preferably a school photo ID Card). You will then be issued with your Maggie 2002 ID card and FREE, limited-edition wallets. Your Maggie 2002 ID Card will not only allow you to participate in the great schoolies` events, but will also get you lots of extra bonuses and special offers.

School ID or other identification will not be accepted at any of the schoolies` events - you must show your official Schoolies ID Card, so hang on to it!! If you lose your official Schoolies ID and need a replacement, there will be a fee of $5.00 for each replacement.

The Break Zone

The `BREAK ZONE` Tent will be open 24hrs a day from Sunday the 17th November until Saturday 23rd November at Alma Bay, Arcadia. The BREAK ZONE is a safe place to take time out or recover from partying! The Maggie Island Support Team ( M.I.S.T) will be available to assist you with registration, info on special schoolies` events, first aid, refreshments, directions, a safe place for time out and the Maggie Magic Moments Gallery. Come down and have a chat!


The School Island Chaplaincy Service (S.I.C.S) youth workers will be available to assist in providing a safe environment for schoolies. They will be staying at various resorts to assist schoolies to not only enjoy their stay but respect their accommodation.


The Maggie Island Support Team (M.I.S.T) is a group of volunteers whose role is to assist you if you have any hassles and need help. They are easily recognisable by their navy blue T.Shirts and Voluteer ID Cards. The Team will be on the Island especially around the BREAK ZONE offering assistance where needed. Ask for help!!

Schoolies Website: is the official schoolies website (where much of the above info was taken from). There is plenty more info there to check out on a whole range of schoolies subjects and although it is very useful, the good thing is, you wont be examined on any of it!

Schoolies' Survival Guide for Maggie
Elza Buys
July 21st 2005
I am a South African who recently visited Maggie.
This is a great idea and probably a first!
I was quite concerned with the array of fun activities related to petrol and diesel engines.
I hope our kids will not blame this generation for destroying much of the ecosystem simply to have FUN.
What about some purely ECO-Friendly FUN?
Enjoy your surroundings but tread lightly.

What do you think? Send us your comments.

Readers comments
suemac In reply to Fair raises $15,000 for school
Well done everyone! Once again our fabulous community had a great day out and raised funds for a deserving cause - pat on back to all.
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