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August 10th 2010
Art opportunity knocks twice.

A model of the skate park A second round has been called for public artwork for the Magnetic Island Solar Park, an initiative of the Townsville Queensland Solar City project.

Public art will feature in the steel fins that support the photovoltaic solar systems on the roofs of the park facilities. The artwork will be laser cut through the steel work and will appear as a silhouette.

Round one closed on 2 August and a second round has been opened as additional opportunities for public art have been identified.

Acting community engagement manager Stephanie Hunt said the first round drew a great response with artwork received from a range of artists from Magnetic Island and Townsville, including school children.

“We were very impressed with the creative designs that were submitted and would love to include all of them but unfortunately most of the designs don’t meet the dimensions for the steel fins or the criteria for laser cutting,” said Ms Hunt.

“To overcome this, we will run a series of workshop on Magnetic Island and in Townsville where participants will be mentored by experienced artists, an architect and a laser cutter,” she said, adding that people who submitted work for round one would be encouraged to participate.

The first two workshops will be held at the Smart Lifestyle Centre on Magnetic Island on Sunday 22 August, commencing with a concept design workshop in the morning followed by a detailed design workshop in the afternoon.

“This format will allow people to start with a basic idea or sketch, develop it during the morning under the guidance of artists experienced with this medium and then work with local laser cutter Lucas McClurg to meet the detailed specification criteria in the afternoon,” said Ms Hunt.

“Holding the workshops at the site where the Solar Park will be erected will be inspiring and the mentoring available will be a wonderful development opportunity for artists,” she added.

A third detailed design workshop with project architect Tania Dennis, the laser cutter and other experienced artists will be held at the Perc Tucker Gallery on Saturday morning 28 August.

“This is a final opportunity for artists who have already developed a design or participants from the Magnetic Island workshops to ensure their work meets the criteria for selection,” said Ms Hunt.

Participants need to register for the free workshops. In addition to mentoring and artist development received, the artists whose designs are selected for the Solar Park will receive a $250 commission fee.

For more information, an artists’ brief or to register for a workshop contact Stephanie Hunt on 07 4727 6185.

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suemac In reply to Fair raises $15,000 for school
Well done everyone! Once again our fabulous community had a great day out and raised funds for a deserving cause - pat on back to all.
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