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October 12th 2009
Let's not let them get away with it

While Magnetic Island residents and businesses strive to lower their carbon footprint in the hope of lessening the impacts of climate change and saving the Great Barrier Reef; a very powerful lobby group is spending up big at trying to change public opinion to do just the opposite. But, if you would like to help keep us all moving in a cleaner, greener direction, there is something you can do right now. And it's fun.

Australianʼs largest independent organisation, Get-Up!, has taken aim at one of the countryʼs largest polluting industries and its attempt to secure greater compensation under an emissions trading scheme, with a new TV advertisement targeting the Australian Coal Association (ACA).

The new ad parodies the ACAʼs latest media campaign against Federal Government plans for cutting carbon emissions. GetUp members are donating funds to air the ad later this week on national television.

To see the advert take a look at the Get-Up! website (click here)

Last week the ACA launched an ad campaign in regional areas around the country in a bid to scare communities out of taking action on climate change.

GetUp! National Director Simon Sheikh said the TV ad campaign was aimed at the coal lobby for running a blatant scare campaign on climate change and jobs, but also at Liberal Party MPs who will attempt to further water down an emissions trading scheme in negotiations with the government.

“Australians accept that there will be a cost to tackling climate change and protecting our environment,” Mr Sheikh said.

“The real danger here is that without active support on their behalf, Australians will be spooked into believing that genuine action is too expensive.

“The reality is that a debate about letting big polluters off the hook on climate is one that Australians and their families cannot afford to have.”

GetUp! will today encourage Australians who want strong action on climate change to make a donation to help put the ad to air later this week.

For more information please call Simon Sheikh on 0416 122 483 or Paul Sheridan on 0410516656 go to the GetUp! website at is Australiaʼs largest independent political organisation that
brings to together individuals and communities to bring participation back into our democracy. GetUp has over 330,000 members nationwide.

Let's not let them get away with it
lorna hodgkin
October 13th 2009
I live in Townsville and what I want to see is that there is a plan to build 200 army houses in Townsville within a year. I want each and every one of those houses to have solar panels place on the roof of every house, and since we pay our taxes to fund the army they can put back to the community power grid and then we as the community will get something for our tax dollar and cheaper power for Townsville

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